Meet Kamski - Detroit: Become Human

Complete all objectives and earn all endings with our guide to the Detroit: Become Human chapter Meet Kamski.


Even late in the game, Quantic Dream's latest release Detroit: Become Human has new characters to reveal and new events to unfold. The chapter titled Meet Kamski does just what it implies, giving Connor a chance to meet the android creator before being tasked with making another tense and crucial decision.

Meet Kamski: 100 Percent Completion

Earning 100 percent completion in the chapter Meet Kamski itself is fairly straightforward, as there are only a few different activities players need to engage in and only two possible endings. However, there are two distinct beginnings to this chapter that depend on the actions taken at the end of Public Enemy, so earning a 100 percent completion in Meet Kamski will require players to go back through Public Enemy in order to begin this one at a different starting point.

(if Connor died in Public Enemy)

Wait for Hank
Event Hank isn't pleased to see Connor

(if Connor survived in Public Enemy)

Arrive with Hank

Action Get out of car
(if cops killed in Capitol Park)
Event Learn Chris is dead
(if cops spared in Capitol Park)
Event Learn Chris survived
Action Follow Hank to Kamski's place
Event Chloe answers door
Action Enter lobby
Event Chloe goes to get Kamski

Wait for Kamski

Action Read "Space Tourism"
Action Analyze portrait
Action Analyze painting
Action Analyze sculpture
Dialog Talk to Hank
Action Read "Fortune Teller"

Event Chloe returns
Action Meet Kamski
Dialog Question Kamski
Event Kamski test
Action Shoot Chloe
Event Kamski agrees to answer one question
Choice Ask about virus
Event Kamski is cryptic
Action Leave Kamski's house
Event Hank was Disappointed with Connor's decision
Choice Ask about rA9
Event Kamski is cryptic
Action Leave Kamski's house
Event Hank was Disappointed with Connor's decision
Choice Ask about Jericho
Event Kamski offers Jericho key through Chloe
Action Download Jericho key (opens branch path in Last Chance, Connor)
Action Leave Kamski's house
Event Hank was disappointed with Connor's decision
Action Spare chloe
Action Leave Kamski's house
Event Hank thought Connor made the right decision

Meet Kamski: All Endings

Hank was Disappointed with Connor's Decision
No matter what happens afterward, if players choose to kill Chloe, Hank will always be disappointed with Connor's decision. However, killing Chloe will allow Connor to earn the key needed to access Jericho.

Hank Thought Connor Made the Right Choice
Throughout the conversation with Kamski, Hank consistently tries to get Connor to leave with him. Assuming players choose to spare Chloe, Hank and Connor will leave together and this ending will unlock, but Connor won't get to ask Kamski any questions regarding rA9, deviancy, or Jericho.

Now that Meet Kamski has concluded, the next stop in our coverage centers around the chapter titled Freedom March. There's a lot more to learn about Quantic Dream's latest narrative thrillride, so be sure to head over to our Detroit: Become Human 100 percent walkthrough and guide to learn more about the game's 100 percent completion requirements, endings, trivia, and more.

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