Destiny 2: Forsaken Adds New Bow and Arrow Weapon in Year 2

Guns are cool, but bows are pretty brutal too. 


During today's live Destiny 2: Forsaken reveal stream, Bungie introduced a new weapon coming with the expansion: the bow and arrow. 

There are three different types of bows you can use in combat: Short, medium, and long. Typically, Destiny 2 has been all about the guns and other firearms you could do some truly massive damage with, so seeing these new weapons is actually quite interesting.

Unfortunately, the livestream didn't reveal much else about the bows themselves, but new weapon flexibility was discussed. Namely, the way you can now equip pretty much any weapn you'd like in any slot you want. Typically, Destiny 2 has insisted that you relegate shotguns and heavy weapons to your "Power" slot, but that all appears to be changing. It's not clear how this will relate to the bow and arrow weapons just yet.

Destiny 2: Forsaken releases this fall on September 4. Make sure you're ready and willing to start your archer training soon, because these new weapons look pretty sick. 

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