How to Upgrade Weapons in Vampyr

Increase Dr. Jonathan Reid’s killing potential by upgrading weapons and applying special buffs.


Guns and melee weapons are an excellent combat choice in Vampyr, especially when enemies are resistant to blood-based attacks. However, these weapons won’t deal enough damage for long and will require upgrading in order to remain relevant and powerful. The process of upgrading weapons in Vampyr is straight forward, though a few essential materials are required.

How to Upgrade Weapons

Each weapon in Vampyr can be upgraded at least once, with a few of the rarer items allowing for multiple upgrades. To begin the upgrade process, head to the nearest hideout as can be identified by a hammer and feather on the map. When in the hideout, approach and interact with the workbench.

The workbench allows Dr. Reid to create serums and treatments, break down junk into components, and most importantly, upgrade and improve weapons. From the workbench, highlight the weapon that requires upgrading and press the appropriate button for “upgrade”.

This next screen shows the weapon on the left along with a description, while on the right are the various levels and the selectable effects for each level. To upgrade the weapon, the correct ingredients must be available. If the player does not have sufficient resources, they will need to go and purchase the items from a merchant, find the items via looting, or break down junk into ingredients.

Place the cursor over the available level (one without a padlock) and hold the appropriate button to upgrade the weapon. A weapon like Dragonbane requires 3 common handle parts and 2 lead plates to upgrade it to level 2. Once the weapon has been upgraded, a choice can be made over what effect to apply to the weapon. Using the Dragonbane example again, level 2 offers the choice of increased damage or blood absorption on hit. Picking one will not permanently lock players out of the other, simply acquire the necessary materials and switch to the alternative effect.

With the upgraded weapons in hand, Dr. Reid should have no trouble taking out some of the more challenging Skals in the game, even those a few levels above his own. Despite this, it’s always worth leveling up abilities, as it’s good idea to have a mixture of attack types when facing some of the late-game bosses. Check out some of the other Vampyr articles on Shacknews, such as how to level up the mesmerise skill and a guide to all abilities in Vampyr!

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