How to Earn More Experience in Vampyr

Dr Jonathan Reid can only be a strong vampire if he can earn more experience to evolve his abilities.


Becoming a stronger vampire takes sacrifice, mainly from the citizens that survive in the dark world of Vampyr. Players who want to truly embrace the dark gift and abilities will need to find ways to earn more experience, as without enough XP to level up, Vampyr becomes rather challenging.

How to Earn More Experience

Earning more experience in Vampyr can be achieved through various avenues. One sure-fire way to get significant amounts of XP is to embrace and suck the blood of citizens. The obvious problem with this method is that any citizens who are embraced will be killed, which will in turn have long and lasting effects on the quality of the area.

In the event that sucking the blood of citizens is the preferred method of gaining more experience points, ensure that you know how to find character hints. For every hint gathered about a character, their blood quality will improve, which means more XP is awarded after an embrace.

Another way to get more experience is to complete quests. Progressing through the main story and completing local investigations will award set amounts of XP. However, simply progressing through the missions will only earn players small amounts of experience points, not nearly enough to level up all vampire abilities. This creates a more challenging experience, as tough decisions will need to be made about what skills to unlock.

The best option for getting a lot of experience quickly is to find a balance between doing quests and sucking the blood of the citizens. At the beginning of Vampyr, take the time to learn about all the characters in the city and pick relatively low-level characters to embrace. Try to avoid killing the pillars of the community, as removing them from the game will lead to an area quickly descending into chaos.

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