How to Level Up in Vampyr

Get the most out of being a vampire by leveling up and unlocking new abilities.


Vampyr introduces players to Jonathan Reid, a war veteran and a doctor who has been afflicted with the curse of immortality. Now a vampire, Dr Reid must uncover the mystery of his curse, a task my easier by leveling up and evolving his latent vampire abilities.

How to Level Up and Unlock New Skills

As Dr Reid progresses through London, he will encounter deadlier enemies that will stop at nothing to vanquish him. In order to avoid dying needlessly, it’s a good idea to level up and unlock new skills. There are a lot of abilities in Vampyr, so take the time to familiarize yourself with each their evolutions and upgrade paths.

To actually level up and upgrade skills, head to the nearest hideout. Hideouts can be found throughout the map, but one of the best places is Pembroke Hospital due to its relative safety and how easy it is to access at the beginning of the game.

Once in a hideout, locate the bed and interact with it to get Dr Reid to rest. A menu will appear that displays all abilities in Vampyr – it’s this screen where all the upgrading can be done. Locate a skill you wish to unlock and then press the appropriate button to see more details. The details screen will show that particular skill’s evolutionary tree with the levels to the right being the most powerful.

Leveling up a skill to its maximum requires unlocking each of the nodes along the path. This will end up being an expensive process, requiring lots of XP, so make sure you know how to earn more experience so you can afford any ability. After leveling up the abilities you want, take a moment to learn how to increase mesmerise, so you can embrace some of the more blood-rich citizens of London.

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