How to Suck Blood in Vampyr

Be the best vampire you can be by sucking the blood of your enemies, and the defenceless citizens, in Vampyr.


The first thing anyone would do when becoming a vampire (after the existential crisis of realizing one’s immortality) is to suck the blood out of someone’s neck. Sucking blood in Vampyr is one of the most important actions Dr Reid can take, as it not only can be used as an attack, but will drastically alter life in London.

How to Suck Blood

Sucking the blood of their victims isn’t just a favorite pastime for vampires in Vampyr, it’s a means of increasing their power and dealing considerable damage to foes. There are two main ways to put Dr Reid’s iconic vampire teeth to good use, the first is during combat and the second is when outside of combat when speaking with a citizen.

When in combat, Dr Reid will be able to bite an enemy when they have been stunned. Stunning an enemy requires hitting them with one of the little off-hand weapons – such as the liston knife. These weapons excel at stunning enemies, and after depleting the grey bar below the enemy’s health bar, the enemy will be momentarily stunned. It’s at this moment that Dr Reid can lunge forward and sink his teeth into them, engaging the bite ability and draining their blood to add to his own.

However, the most important way of sucking blood in Vampyr occurs outside of combat. Each citizen of London has the potential to be “embraced”, Vampyr’s way of saying “suck their blood and kill them”. By embracing a citizen and sucking their blood, Dr Reid will amass a considerable amount of XP – an excellent way of earning more experience.

There are a few important things to remember before attempting to suck the blood of every character Dr Reid encounters. In order to suck their blood, Dr Reid must be an equal or higher mesmerise level than the character, as is can be identified by the hand on the head with the swirly symbol. A character with a high mesmerise stat will often have a higher blood quality, resulting in more XP being earned. This is why it’s essential to know how to increase mesmerise, as a lot of the rich-blooded citizens will immune to Dr Reid’s mesmerize ability.

Another item to note is that a character’s blood quality can be improved by finding and unlocking hints about the citizen. What this means for Dr Reid is that in order to be able to unlock more abilities in Vampyr, he must investigate each citizen as much as possible.

When you are ready to suck the blood of a citizen, approach them and start a conversation. Look to the top-left corner to see the button associated with mesmerize. Press the mesmerize button and lead the citizen along the blood path until you reach a dark area that offer enough privacy to embrace them. Press the appropriate button to embrace them, sucking their blood, stealing their life force, and increasing Dr Reid’s supply of experience points.

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