Midnight Train - Detroit: Become Human

Complete all objectives and see all endings with our guide to the Detroit: Become Human chapter titled Midnight Train.


The Detroit: Become Human chapter Midnight Train once again shows off developer Quantic Dream's skills with delivering a tense narrative experience. Here, players will assume the role of Kara as a surprise visit from a police officer spells potential disaster for the group of androids hiding at Rose's house.

Midnight Train: 100 Percent Completion

Earning a 100 percent completion in Midnight Train won't exactly be easy. There are a lot of moving parts in this chapter, and players won't have much time after the policeman arrives to remove any evidence of the androids hiding in the house. The three different endings for this chapter hinge on whether or not players can successfully trick the policeman into thinking nothing is amiss; if they can, he'll simply leave, but if they can't, Luther will be in for a bad time.

Arrive at Rose's Place

Action Meet Rose and Adam outside
Event Luther and Alice join Kara
Action Check on Alice
Action Enter the house

Inside the House

Action Follow Adam to the guest room
Action Get Alice ready for bed
Action Draw curtains
Event Luther watches over Alice
Action Talk to Rose
Action Follow Rose to laundry room
Event Alice approaches Mary
Choice Let Alice see Mary
Choice (unknown)
Action Leave laundry room
Event Rose and Adam argue

Rose leaves to find help

Explore the House

Action Talk to Luther
Action Check on Alice
Action Check on deviants
Action Read magazine
Action Watch news
Action See family photo
Event Adam returns
Action Talk to Adam to lower tension
Event Cop at the door
Event Adam panics
Action Reassure Adam
Action Open the door
Event (jump to Manage the Policeman)
Event Policeman insists and Kara has to open the door
Event (jump to Manage the Policeman)

Find and Hide Evidence of Deviants

Action (unknown)
Action Hide blue blood pouches
Action Shut the door of laundry room
Action Hide the android clothes
Action Tell Alice and Luther to hide
Choice Upstairs
Choice In the laundry room
Choice In the kitchen
 Choice Draw curtains
 Choice Curtain left open

Manage the Policeman

Action Lie about Alice
Event Policeman suspicious about upstairs
Action Made coffee
Action Policeman discovers Alice and Luther hidden
Death Luther died killing policeman
Action (unknown)
Action Policeman discovers the blue blood
Event Policeman questions Adam
Action Policeman sees android clothes

Choice Policeman fooled
Event Policeman left
Choice Policeman suspicious
Event Cop finds androids in the laundry room
Death Luther died saving other deviants

Midnight Train: All Endings

Luther Died Killing Policeman
If Kara doesn't tell Luther and Alice to hide, Luther will take Alice into a hiding spot near the kitchen. Eventually the policeman will become suspicious and draw open the curtain to reveal Luther, who will knock the policeman dead on the spot, but not before sustaining a fatal injury.

Luther Died Saving Other Deviants
By the time the policeman gets ready to leave, if he's managed to become suspicious enough, and if players don't manage to assuage that suspicion, he'll discover the deviants hiding in the room beside the front door. Luther will rush to their aid, killing the policeman but getting shot in the process.

Policeman Left
Assuming players can clear the house of any obvious evidence and keep the policeman from getting too suspicious, he'll simply leave. After he's gone, Rose will arrive and tell the crew that they're all set to leave.

With Midnight Train out of the way, the next stop of our coverage concerns itself with the chapter titled Capitol Park. To learn more about the game, including all completion requirements and chapter endings, be sure to stop by our Detroit: Become Human 100 percent walkthrough and guide.

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