PUBG Partners With Dr DisRespect and Shroud For Exclusive Skin Collaboration

In case watching these streamers aren't enough, you can try to be just like them. 


PUBG Corp. has just announced a pair of limited-time weapon skins for PUBG created in collaboration with popular Twitch streamers Dr DisRespect and Shroud. They'll be up for grabs starting June 4 and running through June 30, and this marks the first time any sort of promotion like this with in-game content has been done for the game.

They're an interesting addition to PUBG now, especially since, during our interview with PlayerUnknown himself, Brendan Greene, he specifically stated that "adding too many kinds of brands into the game" would "break immersion." That was his response during a Shacknews interview back during Tokyo Game Show 2017, when asked if one day it might be possible to add something like a Shacknews T-shirt into the game.

You can choose between both crates: 

Dr DisRespect Speed & Momentum Crate - $9.99

  • Speed & Momentum - M1416 Skin

  • Speed & Momentum - KAR98K Skin

Shroud Ghosted Crate - $9.99

  • Ghosted - AKM Skin

  • Ghosted - KAR98K Skin

You can get a good look at Dr DisRespect's skins here:

Here's Shroud's version:

Both crates can be purchased through Twitch Extensions on each creator's Twitch channel, then redeemed in PUBG. You can also nab them on Steam. Let us know if you end up picking some up. 

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