The Eden Club - Detroit: Become Human

Earn all three endings and a 100 percent completion rating with our guide to the Detroit: Become Human chapter The Eden Club.


Following up on Russian Roulette, the Detroit: Become Human chapter titled The Eden Club sees Hank and Connor going to the namesake club in order to continue their investigation. There are four different endings for this chapter, with outright mission failure being one of the options if players meander for too long or decide not to continue the investigation.

The Eden Club: 100 Percent Completion

There are several different branching paths in The Eden Club, but most of the important ones center around Connor and Hank's fight with the two deviants. Winning the fight and choosing mercy when dealing with the deviants will result in the chapter's peaceful ending, while choosing alternative approaches with regards to the deviant will likely end both deviants getting shot. Players can alternatively outright fail the mission if they choose to give up.

Investigate Eden Club

Action Follow Hank
Action On crime scene
Action Listen to briefing

Search for Clues

Action Investigate victim
Action Investigate android
Action Repair android
Dialog Talk to android
Choice Aggressive approach
Choice Calm approach

Leave Crime Scene

Action Find an android eyewitness
Choice Give up
Event Mission failed
Dialog Ask Hank to help
Choice Android's memories are reset
Event Mission failed
Choice Pursue deviant
Event Enter the warehouse

Search for Blue-Haired Deviant

Action Read "First Immortal"
Action Read "New Superpowers"
Action Analyze blue blood
Action Investigate android stock
Action Find rA9 symbol
Action Give up
Event Mission failed
Action Investigate blue-haired deviant
Event Deviants attack
Fail Lose fight
Choice Let deviants go
Event Deviants escaped
Choice Shoot deviants in the back
Event Connor shot deviants (opens branch path in Last Chance, Connor)
Pass Win fight
Choice Spare deviant
Event Deviants escaped
Choice Shoot deviant
Event Deviant kills herself with Connor's gun
Event Deviants died

The Eden Club: All Endings

Mission Failed
The Mission Failed ending will only be unlocked if the player chooses to give up after finding the witness or after beginning the search for the blue-haired deviant.

Deviants Died
Players will only reach this ending if they win the fight with the deviants, then choose to shoot the deviant rushing Connor. Connor will shoot and kill the deviant, then the blue-haired deviant will commit suicide using Connor's gun. This ending will unlock a branch path in the chapter Last Chance, Connor.

Deviants Escaped
This ending will unlock if players either lose the fight and choose to let the deviants go, or if they win the fight and choose to spare the deviants.

Connor Shot Deviants
The ending where Connor shoots the deviants can only be unlocked if players locate the deviants, lose the fight, then choose to shoot the deviants in the back while they're making their escape.

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