The Nest - Detroit: Become Human

We run through the 100 percent completion requirements and all endings in the Detroit: Become Human chapter The Nest.


The Detroit: Become Human chapter titled The Nest follows along as Connor and Hank track down and chase an android suspect. Some of the decisions and events in this chapter will carry huge consequences, particularly for Connor.

The Nest: 100 Percent Completion

Earning a 100 percent completion in The Nest won't be too difficult. There are three different endings that players can encounter, and the remainder of the actions involve putting proper time into analyzing the environment as well as several different dialog branches in speaking with Hank.

Lunch Break

Action Join Hank
Action Analyze environment
Action (unknown)
Action Talk to Hank
Dialog Be frank with Hank
Dialog Warn Hank about cholesterol
Dialog Warn Hank about his friends

In the Elevator

Action Examine feathers
Action Into the nest

Investigate Apartment

Search See rA9 reference
Search Investigate stool
Search Investigate cage
Search Read "Red Ice Epidemic"
Search Read "Past the Tipping Point"
Search Find LED
Search Find diary (opens branch path in Last Chance, Connor)
Event Hank and Connor leave the apartment
Event Rupert not found

Find Rupert

Action Chase Rupert
Pass Gaining on Rupert
Event Rupert pushes Hank
Choice Follow Rupert
Event Rupert committed suicide (opens branch path in Last Chance, Connor)
Choice Save Hank
Event Rupert got away
Fail Lose sight of Rupert
Event Rupert got away
Fail Connor died
Death Connor died chasing Rupert

The Nest: All Endings

Rupert Not Found
If Connor dallies for too long in the apartment without scanning the chair, Hank will want to leave, and Rupert will never be found.

Rupert Committed Suicide
If players choose to ignore Hank and continue chasing Rupert, a scene will play out on the rooftop where Hank and Connor apprehend the suspect before he makes a break for it and jumps off the building to his death. This ending will unlock a branch path in Last Chance, Connor.

Rupert Got Away
This ending will be unlocked if players choose to save Hank. Hank will be appreciative of Connor's efforts, even if he doesn't particularly show it, but the relationship between the two will increase.

Connor Died Chasing Rupert
During the chase with Rupert, if players choose the fast but risky approach and fail to make a successful jump through the building's window, Connor will fall to his death.

With The Nest out of the way, the next chapter in our series of guides covers Time to Decide. To learn more about other game chapters and the endings and completion requirements therein, be sure to head over to our comprehensive Detroit: Become Human 100 percent walkthrough and guide.

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