Time To Decide - Detroit: Become Human

We break down all the actions and endings needed to earn 100 completion in the Detroit: Become Human chapter Time To Decide.


Following the events of the Detroit: Become Human chapter titled Jericho is Time To Decide, wherein Markus will find himself surrounded by a group of androids all sharing their ideas on what to do next. This is another of the game's smattering of distinctly linear missions, so earning a 100 percent completion rating and all endings won't present any sort of challenge.

Time To Decide: 100 Percent Completion

The 100% complete flowchart for Time To Decide.

There's really not too much for players to do within Time To Decide. Earning a 100 percent completion for this chapter couldn't be any more simple, as Markus only needs to speak with the different androids around him before sparking up a conversation with Lucy or checking the empty crate. Once that's done, players will be lead straight toward the chapter ending.

Inside Jericho

Explore Jericho

Action Talk to dying android
Action Talk to Josh
Action Talk to North
Action Talk to damaged android
Action Let there be light
Action Talk to Lucy
Action Check empty crate
Action Talk to Simon
Event Markus hatched a plan

Time To Decide: All Endings

Markus Hatched a Plan
This is the only ending for the Time to Decide chapter. After speaking with some of the resident androids within Jericho, the player will either speak with Lucy or check the empty crate before talking with Simon, which leads Markus to figure out his plan of attack.

With Time To Decide concluded, the next mission on our path is Zlatko. To learn more about the endings and completion requirements in other chapters, be sure to head over to our Detroit: Become Human 100 percent completion walkthrough and guide.

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