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Mega Man 11 Activates in October; New Amiibo Revealed for Nintendo Switch

Mega Man is ready to fight again this fall on all platforms, but Nintendo Switch owners can pick up a little something extra.


Super fighting robot Mega Man is set to make his triumphant return later this year. On Tuesday, Capcom offered an update regarding what players can expect from this new numbered entry in the long-running franchise, as well as details on a release date.

Mega Man will still run, shoot, and platform across dangerous stages, albeit now with a sleeker art style and fully voice-acted cutscenes. And yes, he'll still be stealing the powers of Dr. Wily's evil Robot Masters. However, Mega Man will have a few more tools available to him. The most prevalent new mechanic is the Double Gear system, which utilizes two different functions. There's the Speed Gear, which can slow down time and allow players to react faster to incoming enemies or moving platforms. Then there's the Power Gear, which allows Mega Man to fire off two charged Mega Buster shots. Double Gears need time to recharge after use, especially if Mega Man gets desperate and utilizes them both at once. While Capcom doesn't go into details on how much Mega Man is weakened after using both Double Gears simultaneously, it's made clear that this should only be used as an absolute last ditch effort.

Dr. Wily also has new Robot Masters ready to face the Blue Bomber. The first two were revealed today. There's Block Man, who can use his own bulky body or dangerous blocks to cause some damage. He'll also use the Power Gear to grow to a larger size, giving his boss battle a bit of a twist.

The other Robot Master revealed is Fuse Man. His boss battle is some vintage Mega Man, as he moves quickly and uses the Speed Gear to zap players before they even have a chance to react.

Mega Man 11 is set to release on October 2, with pre-orders up and running now. It's set to release on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, but it should be noted that there's a separate special edition for Nintendo Switch owners. That special edition includes stickers, a microfiber cloth, and an all-new Mega Man Amiibo, which points to some unrevealed Amiibo functionality that should be revealed at a later date. More details can be found on Capcom-Unity.

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