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Madmind Studio Drops Agony's Uncensored PC Patch to Attain PEGI Rating, Will Include Graphic Video

Too hot for Steam.


Madmind Studios' hellish Agony has been released to the public at long last, but it's not without a few caveats. Unfortunately, it appears that the game, which was going to receive an Adults Only patch for the PC version, will no longer be receiving that patch. The patch would have unlocked ending scenes deemed much too graphic for audiences, but it has since been shelved due to potential legal ramifications that would have befallen the team had the patch been released.

“We have managed to include a lot of things that we originally wanted to provide in the patch in the final game,” Madmind explained in a statement released via Steam. “It has been accepted by PEGI and other rating companies. The censorship now affects only several seconds from two endings (out of seven) and some scenes that may be unlocked only after the end of the game.

Luckily, we'll still get to see the content, thanks to Madmind's further announcement regarding the endings that were cut: “We will be able to show them to you in a video that we are planning to release soon. We are going to publish a comparison video on May 30th, 2018 so you will not miss out anything.” Rock on, then!

I'm certainly not one for censorship in any way, shape, or form, but at the very least we'll still be able to see what kind of content was cut from the game in order to receive an "M" rating. Madmind has plenty of deliciously deviant content still planned for us, however, including "brutal sex scenes," "gore," "eye gouging," "heart plucking," and more. Sounds like my kind of party.

With all of that kind of content included in the game still, however, it's hard to figure out exactly what may have been cut. There's a pretty healthy amount of stuff you'll still see in Agony, thankfully, so we'll have to wait and see what kind of content we're missing when the studio releases the special, unedited video in lieu of the patch.

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