Combo Breaker 2018: The Full Results

Combo Breaker is the biggest fighting game tournament of the year for the midwest. If you missed the results of the big tournaments, Shacknews has you covered.


Combo Breaker 2018 has concluded. Chicago's biggest fighting game tournament has wrapped up for another year and all of the champions have been crowned. Shacknews has covered a couple of the winners already, but for those who missed the weekend tournaments, here's a helpful recap. We'll also make sure to add some of our own thoughts here and there.

GO1 vs. SonicFox (Photo Credit: @TischPhotos)

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Shacknews has a full recap of the Dragon Ball FighterZ Grand Finals up and running right now. SonicFox went into this event having never beaten consensus best player in the world GO1, but Combo Breaker went just a little bit differently.

1st - SonicFox (Dominique McLean)
2nd - GO1 (Goichi Kishida)
3rd - Dogura (Ryo Nozaki)
4th - NyChrisG (Christopher Gonzalez)
5th (tie) - Kazunoko (Ryota Inoue)
5th (tie) - HookGangGod (Eduardo Hook)
7th (tie) - Fenritti
7th (tie) - Doza (Glyn Mendoza)

Photo credit: @CarltonBeener

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Shacknews has a full recap of the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Grand Finals available now. NL and Xian break through to shake up the Capcom Pro Tour leaderboards.

1st - NL (Sim Gun)
2nd - Xian (Kun Xian Ho)
3rd - Infiltration (Seonwoo Lee)
4th - Nemo (Naoki Nemoto)
5th (tie) - Verloren (Hyungsuk Kong)
5th (tie) - Bonchan (Masato Takahashi)
7th (tie) - Dogura (Ryo Nozaki)
7th (tie) - Oil King (Li-Wei Lin)

Photo credit: @Vexanie

Tekken 7

Shacknews has a full recap of the Tekken 7 Grand Finals available now. Knee's victory puts him atop the Tekken World Tour standings.

1st - Knee (Jae Min Bae)
2nd - JeonDDing (Sang-hyun Jeon)
3rd - LowHigh (Sun Woong Youn)
4th - SAINT (Choi Jinwoo)
5th (tie) - GoAttack (Jihwan Kim)
5th (tie) - CHANEL (Seong ho Kang)
7th (tie) - Trungy (Trung Mai)
7th (tie) - Anakin (Hoa Luu)

Photo credit: @TischPhotos

Injustice 2

The Injustice 2 Grand Finals went down to the wire between Tweedy and DR_Gross. Gross brought the heat with Green Lantern throughout the finals, but Tweedy was eventually able to ward off one last GL onslaught, thanks to Starfire's effective zoning techniques. GL wasn't able to close in and Tweedy took the tournament.

1st - Tweedy (Tommy Tweedy)
2nd - DR_Gross (Daris Daniel)
3rd - SonicFox (Dominique McLean)
4th - GunShow (Jon Snow)
5th (tie) - Biohazard (Matthew Commandeur)
5th (tie) - SylverRye (Ryan Amaechi)
7th (tie) - Rewind (Curtis McCall)
7th (tie) - Scar (Brad Vaughn)

Photo credit: @Vexanie

Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- 2

This was another wild Top 8 that culminated with a barnburner of a Grand Finals. Korea's Jaewon "Daru I-No" Kim just needed the opportunity to prove himself, but has had trouble getting to tournaments in the past. He even relied on a community fundraiser to get him to this very event. But he made his opportunity count, as he narrowly edged out Fukuda "Teresa" Norihiro in a Grand Finals that left both men emotionally spent by the end.

1st - Daru I-No (Jaewon Kim)
2nd - Teresa (Fukuda Norihiro)
3rd - Hamad (Hamad Akbar)
4th - Kazunoko (Ryota Inoue)
5th (tie) - PepperySplash (Justin Campbell)
5th (tie) - BjornSonOfBear (Alain Kim)
7th (tie) - Blaze (Manny Blaze)
7th (tie) - Kid Viper (Jason Srouji)

Photo credit: @CarltonBeener

Killer Instinct

One of the most exciting tournaments of the weekend that went largely under the radar was Killer Instinct. Combo Breaker has always been one of the best places to catch the top Killer Instinct and this was no exception. While he fell short last year, there was no stopping Latrell "Amenty" Thomas in 2018. He has a total mastery of new character Eagle and former Evo champion Darnell "Hollywood Sleep" Waller had no answers. This was a master class in how to work opponents with KI's last character.

1st - Amenty (Latrell Thomas)
2nd - Hollywood Sleep (Darnell Waller)
3rd - Bass (Kenneth Armas)
4th - Thompxson (Deion Thompson)
5th (tie) - SonicDolphin117 (Andrew Honigman)
5th (tie) - Storm179 (Calvin Phelps)
7th (tie) - DevilMayCare (Michael Figueroa)
7th (tie) - Nicky (Nicky Iovene)

Photo credit: @HelloItsLi

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

It's hard to argue against the idea that Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite has lost pretty much all of its steam since its damning Evo snub. While registration numbers have remained consistent, many of the game's high-profile players have left, viewership has dipped, and Capcom looks to have abandoned the Marvel fanbase... again. But the Marvel tournaments are still incredible to watch, as evidenced by Combo Breaker's Top 8.

Watch as Kevin "Dual Kevin" Barrios caps off an incredible Losers Bracket run in the most epic fashion possible. Don't put Hawkeye in a box, because all he needs is his bow and arrow.

1st - Dual Kevin (Kevin Barrios)
2nd - DekillSage (Jon Coello)
3rd - Banehollow3789 (James Marroquin)
4th - NyChrisG (Christopher Gonzalez)
5th (tie) - Abbock (Brian Murphy)
5th (tie) - Lariat GOD (Tyler Hinson)
7th (tie) - Emorawr79 (Jose Ramirez)
7th (tie) - Noelbhungry (Noel Brown)

Photo credit: @CarltonBeener

Super Smash Bros. Melee

The best players across both Super Smash Bros. Melee and Smash 4 were attending MomoCon this weekend, so there was a lot of A-tier talent missing from Combo Breaker. Still, the tournaments were exciting and it was an opportunity for some new faces to shine, like Melee winner Kalindi "KJH" Henderson.


1st - KJH (Kalindi Henderson)
2nd - Swedish Delight (James Liu)
3rd - AbsentPage (Charlie McKinley)
4th - Michael (Michael Rollberg)
5th (tie) - Drephen (Drew Scoles)
5th (tie) - Duck (James Ma)
7th (tie) - S2J (Johnny Kim)
7th (tie) - Ginger (Avery Wilson)


1st - AbsentPage (Charlie McKinley)/S2J (Johnny Kim)
2nd - Swedish Delight (James Liu)/Nintendude (Michael Brancato)
Scythe (Diego Rodriguez)/Sago (Samuel Woodka)
4th - Joey (Joey Hogan)/ESAM (Eric Lew)
5th (tie) - Rodohk (Bradley Gerkin)/Egg (Thomas Kirby)
5th (tie) - Rubzterz (Ruben Morin)/Poseidon (Ian Koscuik)
7th (tie) - Miles (Jeff Stanislaw)/GioGio (Tom Dattalo)
7th (tie) - Pregnantand16 (Daniel Lopez)/Thornswaggle (Brandon Thongsawa)

Photo credit: @CarltonBeener

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U


1st - Maister (Enrique Hernandez)
2nd - Tyroy (Tyler Awdisho)
3rd - ESAM (Eric Lew)
4th - MVD (Jestise Negron)
5th (tie) - 8BitMan (Brett Esposito)
5th (tie) - Chag (Santiago Perez)
7th (tie) - Ned (Nicholas Dovell)
7th (tie) - John Numbers (John Goldberg)


1st - ESAM (Eric Lew)/MVD (Jestise Negron)
2nd - Ned (Nicholas Dovell)/Tyroy (Tyler Awdisho)
3rd - Z (Nizar Awada)/Blacktwins (Aaron Grandison-Vargas)
4th - 8BitMan (Brett Esposito)/Port
5th (tie) - pu55yk1ng (Eman Baha)/BlackDynoWright
5th (tie) - Maister (Enrique Hernandez)/Nuhuh (Adrian Cuellar)
7th (tie) - Youma (Jorge Manuel Leon)/Hoover (Brandon Hoover)
7th (tie) - Gamegenie222 (Nathaniel Taylor)/Marathon (Michael Simpson)

Photo Credit: @Vexanie

The King of Fighters XIV

1st - Xiaohai (Zhuojun Zeng)
2nd - Wero Asamiya (Agustin Escorcia)
3rd - Tamago (Angel Chong)
4th - ViolentKain (Rolando Neri)
5th (tie) - El Rosa (Abril Diaz)
5th (tie) - Reynald (Reynald Tacsuan)
7th (tie) - Juicebox (Eric Albino)
7th (tie) - Dechimo (Ernesto Davila)

Photo Credit: @TischPhotos

BlazBlue: Central Fiction

1st - Fenritti (Shoji Sho)
2nd - SKD (Jachin Harte)
3rd - Garireo (Okamoto Keiji)
4th - Brkrdave (Eddie Sayles)
5th (tie) - Grover (Grover C.)
5th (tie) - Genosade (Brandon Joseph)
7th (tie) - Uri (Devin Mills)
7th (tie) - Clim (Christian Lim)

Photo credit: @HelloItsLi

Skullgirls: 2nd Encore

1st - Swiftfox-Dash (Troy Chapa)
2nd - SonicFox (Dominique McLean)
3rd - Liam (Liam Orr)
4th - Rabbleflaggers (Christopher Perez)
5th (tie) - Elda Taluda (Jared Doty)
5th (tie) - Cloud (Daniel Normandia)
7th (tie) - Yaya (Jason Wickman)
7th (tie) - PME (Emmanuel Calderon)

Photo credit: @Vexanie

Mortal Kombat XL

1st - Killer Xinok (Bruno Henrique Gomes de Sousa)
2nd - Scar (Brad Vaughn)
3rd - Rewind (Curtis McCall)
4th - Tekken Master (Sayed Ahmed)
5th (tie) - Waz (Tasman Stoker)
5th (tie) - Coosco (Michael Henderson)
7th (tie) - Damaja (Scott Smith)
7th (tie) - A F0xy Grampa (Denom Jones)

Photo credit: @Vexanie

Mortal Kombat (2011)

1st - Curbolicous (Dominic Curbelo)
2nd - SonicFox (Dominique McLean)
3rd - Wafflez (Tom Nieter)
4th - Dizzy (Aaron Davis)
5th (tie) - Biggs (Chris Biggs)
5th (tie) - soonk (Will Searle)
7th (tie) - Compbros (Albert Smith)
7th (tie) - Dab (Aric Dabajae)

Photo credit: @CarltonBeener

Super Street Fighter II Turbo

1st - eltrouble (Eugene Lin)
2nd - Alex Valle
3rd - Silentscope (Steven Dawson)
4th - LordJimmyBones (Jimmy Lee Pierre)
5th (tie) - Killer Miller (Tania Miller)
5th (tie) - JigglyNorris (Joshua Alvarado)
7th (tie) - Mr. Igloo (Chris Bailey)
7th (tie) - Immortal (Brent Werling)

Photo credit: @TischPhotos

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

1st - Justin Wong
2nd - Chi-Rithy (Henri Oung)
3rd - Simon Yoo
4th - Dirtmaster (Adam Hernandez)
5th (tie) - EAT (Michael Rocha)
5th (tie) - Keninblack (Patrick Kelly)
7th (tie) - SoulAvenger02 (Kerry Craigwell)
7th (tie) - Cookye (Michael Saxton)

Photo credit: @CarltonBeener

Under Night In-Birth Exe

1st - Clim (Christian Lim)
2nd - J3 (Justin Joseph)
3rd - Drunk Suika Ibuki (Christian Tuliao)
4th - Redblade (Aren Stimage-Norwo
5th (tie) - RoyalHeartv2 (Isiah Smith)
5th (tie) - Magnets (Matt Guzik)
7th (tie) - NeoN
7th (tie) - AyoltsDave (Dave Clymer)

Photo credit: @CarltonBeener

Vampire Savior

1st - Mr. Igloo (Chris Bailey)
2nd - Dyne
3rd - MightyMar (Mario Gomez)
4th - YetiGhettoSlang (Luke Bellamy)
5th (tie) - JayOneTheSk8 (Justin Cox)
5th (tie) - Ailerus (Zach M.)
7th (tie) - Xanoz (Kendra Horton)
7th (tie) - Diar (Jie Moc)

[Header photo credit: @TischPhotos]

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