Cody Takes Office in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition in June

Following Sunday's Combo Breaker Top 8, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition released a trailer for Metro City's new mayor.


Following an exciting Combo Breaker Top 8 for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, there was still one more piece of business to attend to. After revealing on Saturday that he was taking over as new Metro City Mayor, Cody made his Street Fighter V debut in trailer form on Sunday to a captive Combo Breaker crowd.

Following a live-action opening showing Cody in his new mayor's office (looking very much like New Japan Pro Wrestling's Kenny Omega), Cody showed off many of his moves from both his past in the Street Fighter series and the Final Fight series. In addition to his brawling style, he brings his tornado-based attacks and his trusty knife, which is accessible through V-Trigger I. Those preferring to use something a little heavier can utilize heavier weapons through Cody's V-Trigger II, which sees him go to town with the old-school Final Fight lead pipe.

Cody will not only bring along his dapper new look and his Story Costume, which sees him dressing up as his old buddy, Haggar, but he'll also have three other alternate costumes. There's his Battle Costume, in which he wears a sleek white tuxedo; his Nostalgia Costume, which brings back his prison look from Street Fighter IV; and his Final Fight costume, which goes fully retro with his white shirt and tattered-up jeans.

Cody is set to be released on June 26 a la carte, as well for anyone who owns the SFV:AE Season 3 Character Pass.

Update: How about a few more details from Capcom-Unity?

Cody's V-Skill is the Double Kick and if it looks familiar, that's because it's his old special move from Final Fight. This can be used as an anti-air, as well as a combo ender. Also, there are a few more details on those V-Triggers. V-Trigger I gives extra range to Cody's normal punches, but he can also use HP+HK to toss his knife, Final Fight-style. If V-Trigger I is still active, Cody can then pull out another knife. As for V-Trigger II, this extends the range of Cody's HP, while also giving him access to his old rocks from Street Fighter IV. Rocks can do damage on their own, but Cody can also use his pipe as a baseball bat to hit the rock towards opponents, either in the air or on the ground.

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