Alleged Data-Mine of Mario Tennis Aces Contains Some Interesting Details

Bosses, unlockable characters, stadiums and more are highlighted in this possible data mine.


A Wii U modder decided to do a little digging into the Mario Tennis Aces demo on Nintendo Switch and has shared the discoveries. We don't have the means to verify this person's statements, so consider the results of the data mine to be rumor. Nevertheless, if you'd like to be surprised when playing the game, unlocking characters, and facing bosses, we suggest you skip reading the rest of this article. You've been warned.

Twitter user Blazingflare did the digging into the recently released Mario Tennis Aces demo and has uncovered quite a bit. 15 characters is the revealed character count, but the full roster hasn't been revealed. Blazingflare says that Chain Chomp, Rosalina, and Waluigi are going to be unlockable. Missing files for Luigi seems to suggest he will not be playable, but Spike, Toad, or Dy Bones possibly will be. It's hard to believe Luigi won't be playable in any way.

King Boo (possibly), Ice, Eyerok, and Petey are the possible bosses that players will encounter in the game's adventure mode. There's an even lengthier list of potential bosses in Blazingflare's full thread on Twitter.

Mario Tennis Aces is on one of the Shacknews most anticipated of 2018 lists, so check out this gameplay and keep an eye out for additional coverage. Hit us up in Chatty to let us know what you think of these potential reveals.

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