From the Dead - Detroit: Become Human

Earn the full 100% completion and unlock the sole ending for the From the Dead chapter of Detroit: Become Human.


The following guide will break down all the actions, decisions, and events needed to earn a 100% completion ranking in the Detroit: Become Human chapter From the Dead. This is one of the more straightforward missions in the game, offering but one distinct ending.

From the Dead: 100 Percent Completion

Our so-far 89% complete flowchart for From the Dead.

Players should have no trouble reaching 100% completion on From the Dead. There's just one ending to the chapter, and only two decision branches to be found with regard to how Markus can find the pump regulator he needs.

Back to Life

Action Analyze Self
Action Repair legs
Event Hear about Jericho
Action Passage of limbs


Action Find pump regulator in android
Choice Refuse to kill for pump
Choice Kill for pump
Action Android begs to die
Choice Refuse to kill
Choice Kill

Action Find pump regulator in dead android
Action Find audio processor

Action Find optical unit
Event Crane dumps bodies
Action Dig yourself out

Action Climb slope
Event Markus came back from the dead

From the Dead: All Endings

Markus Came Back from the Dead
There's but one ending to Back to Life, and as players might expect, it involves Markus scavenging for the parts he needs to restore himself to working order. No matter which choice players make with regard to the pleading android, all paths will lead straight to this one ending.

Now that From the Dead has been 100% completed and all endings have been earned, players can move on to the game's next chapter Waiting for Hank. To learn more about the game's other chapters and the completion and ending requirements therein, be sure to head over to our Detroit: Become Human walkthrough and guide.

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