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The Cartridge Family 038 - Detroit: Become Human, N64 Classic, PS4's Geriatric Phase

Buffa buys extremely green bananas.


As the E3 excitement mounts around us, the family gathers once again to discuss video games, their most favorite of pasttimes. It was an interesting week in gaming: Detroit: Become Human released, Best Buy canned their lovely Gamers Club Unlocked program (R.I.P.) and patents emerged suggesting Nintendo’s plans for an N64 Classic Edition. Meanwhile, SEGA continues to pump out Yakuza games and John continues to roll his eyes. The real kicker this week was Sony’s CEO proclaiming that the PlayStation 4 was now entering the final phase of it’s life-cycle, which we suspected but must now confront … and you know I hate confrontations. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!

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- Joe Stasio
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