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Fortnite Devs To Introduce Free-Roam Mode In Version 5.0, Share Plans For Coming Months

Some updates focused on competitive Fortnite play are on the way.


The Fortnite team continues to be vocal about plans and updates via a new state of development breakdown for version 5.0 of the game, which will go live soon. Players that use controllers have some great plans to look forward to, one of the limited time modes may become permanent, and a new free-roam mode is opening the door for a potential creative mode for Fortnite. Strap in because there's a lot to digest.

First up: Controllers. Twitch reactions are a big part of Fornite, especially in the battle royale mode. Responding to gunfire by rapidly building structures is key to survival these days, and the crew wants to make it easier to manage for controller users. Builder Pro was the first step to improving the process and additional improvements, like optimizing Turbo building, are in the works. More information is available in the full post on the official Fortnite website.

With the popularity of the 50v50 limited time mode growing out of control, the team is considering keeping a larger squad mode permanently. A new LTM, called Playground, could impact the game long-term as well. In this mode, players will load into the battle royale map with an extended period to create structures freely and scrimmage with their four-player squad. Respawns are enabled, so players will be able to strategize together. The team also says this represents "our initial step into what a creative mode looks like in Fortnite."

Additional Future Fortnite Development Highlights


  • Tracking hitches
  • Optimizing load times
  • Server performance
  • Server position updates
  • Client network updates


  • Challenge progress notifications
  • In-world markers
  • Victory Royale screen update
  • High-resolution minimap
  • Better footstep and vertical audio
  • Spectator UI improvements

The replay system, which was introduced in a recent update, is getting some attention as well. Epic Games gave the Fortnite esport initiative a massive shot in the arm with the declaration that the company is contributing $100,000,000 to the prize pools of Fortnite competitions. The Celebrity Pro-Am, which pits celebrities and gaming industry influencers against one another at E3 2018, will be another boost to Fortnite's esports presence and new replay improvements are being developed for it.

One new camera feature is one that will allow you to orbit around any point of your choosing as well as having the camera automatically track the action by focusing on a group of players, rather than one person. This sounds exactly like the foundation for good camera coverage in a competitive shooter environment. 

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