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Opening - Detroit: Become Human

Entirely inconsequential, the Detroit: Become Human chapter Opening has no flowchart or 100 percent completion.


This walkthrough for Opening in Detroit: Become Human exists only to help keep a tidy timeline of what players can expect to see throughout the course of the game. It is one of the only chapters that does not have its own flowchart, cannot be given a 100 percent complete rating, doesn't include separate endings, and has no decisions or events that will impact the game moving forward. As such, it's also one of the few chapters in the game where tension is decidedly low.

As players may discover simply by reading the title, this chapter leads to the opening credits, serving primarily to highlight the talent behind the game, build up more of the backstory, and provide some introductory context for Kara, one of the three main android characters in Detroit: Become Human. There are no choices to be made and no actions to perform, so sit back and take a moment to enjoy the game's atmosphere and stunning visuals, as it won't be long before things start to get heavy.

Once Opening is complete, players will be launched directly into the game's third chapter, formally titled Shades of Color. To skip to any of the game’s chapters as well as check out their 100 percent completion checklist requirements, be sure to visit our Detroit: Become Human guide and walkthrough, which details all endings for each chapter as well as the various consequences that actions and other decisions will have on the game as the overall narrative unfolds. To stay current on the latest news, updates, and features, players should also be sure to head over to Shacknews' own Detroit: Become Human homepage.


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