Kingdom Hearts 3: Nearly 20 Minutes of Toy Story Gameplay

Get an extended look at the Square Enix and Disney crossover RPG that’s headed to Xbox One and PS4.


The Kingdom Hearts series has been one of the most popular in all of video gaming since it first debut on the Playstation 2 more than 15 years ago. After nearly 15 total releases in the history of the franchise, developer Square Enix is preparing the biggest adventure yet for Sona and friends in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Disney and Square Enix recently held a press preview event for the game and Shacknews sent a team of its top boys to cover the event. They were able to capture loads of new exclusive gameplay footage that takes place in the famous Toy Story bedroom. You are able to get a nice glance at the combat and the strikingly good visual presentation that Square Enix has in store for longtime fans of the series.

For more information on what our team saw at the Kingdom Hearts preview event, check out this in-depth preview from Shacknews editor Ozzie Mejia.

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