How to Get a Bigger Backpack in State of Decay 2

Carry more items and reduce the amount of trips during scavenging by getting a larger backpack.


Spend enough time scavenging in State of Decay 2 and it will quickly become apparent that the backpack is too small, which means a bigger backpack is in order. Finding a backpack and increasing the amount of slots in a backpack are no easy tasks, but it’ll be worth the effort when fewer trips must be made to and from the storage locker.

How to Get a Bigger Backpack

At the start of State of Decay 2, the survivors will only have access to a backpack with six slots for items (not including rucksacks and other items that can be equipped). This creates a lot of running back and forth to cars or the base to drop of items. While survivors can be levelled to carry greater weights, this doesn’t actually affect the quantity of items they can carry, just whether they get encumbered at higher weights.

Getting a bigger backpack actually requires some exploring and scavenging of the surrounding buildings and areas. Finding a bigger backpack requires looking in crates, lockers, and other boxes that must be searched. Sometimes a backpack might have the exact same number of slots as the one currently equipped, but it will weigh less, allowing the survivor to carry more before becoming encumbered and running out of stamina faster.

Backpacks that offer more slots take on a larger appearance on the survivor as well. An 8-slot backpack will be more like a hiking backpack while the 6-slot is more like a standard bag. Keep in mind as well that vehicles can be used to hold any item overflow in their trunk. Go to the rear of a vehicle and interact with the trunk, then use the menu to place items in there for storage. A van typically has more available slots than a sedan, though it has fewer available seats for passengers.

It’s also worth noting that even though you’ve spent some time building the perfect base, it’s not necessary to take all the items directly back to a base. Claiming an outpost allows you to drop items in its storage locker, and these will be added to the pool of materials and items available at the main community base. However, it is certainly handy to get a bigger backpack so you can carry more items in State of Decay 2.

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