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How to Choose a Leader in State of Decay 2

Learn how to rally the community’s forces by choosing a leader.


Running a community in State of Decay 2 requires more than just some food, a place to sleep, and plenty of resources to keep people alive, it requires a strong leader. Knowing how to choose a leader isn’t immediately obvious, as a bit of work must be done before assigning the community’s own Rick Grimes – or maybe their own Negan!

How to Choose a Leader

Choosing a leader for the community is an important decision to make, as the survivor that is picked will directly affect how the rest of the main story unfolds. Each survivor has their own traits, and when a leader is picked, this trait affects the overarching quest line.

After you have finish building the community base, take a look at the survivors that have joined the fight and think about what one you want to make the leader. To do this, press the View button to bring up the map and tab across to the Community page. Read through the various traits and skills of the survivors, and when you find the survivor who you want as the leader, choose to take control of them.

Once you have control of the survivor who will be the leader, you must now begin increasing their standing. A survivor’s standing dictates their importance within a community. Most new survivors who join the community will be recruits, but by completing missions and tasks, their standing will improve.

The goal is to earn more influence to level up your chosen character’s standing so that they reach the rank of Hero. When a survivor reaches the Hero rank, they can be selected to become a community’s leader. Open the Community tab and select the State of Decay symbol to choose a leader. On the right will be a list of the survivors who are at the Hero rank, and highlighting them shows the type of leader they will be – a Warlord, Sheriff, Builder, etc.

Select the character that you want to be the leader of the community, and once selected, they will be standing at the forefront of the other survivors. From here, the leader's quest line will activate, allowing you to begin influencing the world of State of Decay 2. With the leader chosen, the next big focus will likely be to claim outposts and improve the community morale.

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