Real-World Politician Is Running In EVE Online CSM Election

'Maybe 20 years ago this would be weird,' but for politician Brian Schoeneman, running for Council of Stellar Management office just makes sense.


Here's a bit of interesting news that reader's won't see every day: real-world Republican politician and Virginian maritime law lobbyist Brian Schoeneman, also known in-game as Brisc Rubal, is running in an election for the EVE Online Council of Stellar Management.

For those who may not be up to speed, the Council of Stellar Management is a group that acts as a sort of mediator between the EVE Online userbase and the developers at CCP Games. The CSM is an actual government that elects its own representatives, and according to Shoeneman, his potential duties with the CSM are identical to his duties at his current day job.

"I am constantly going out and lobbying the government and trying to educate them on what my members think is important, and how what the government does affects my industry, all while making sure what we do is good for the country," Shoeneman said. "If you replace 'government' with CCP, 'union members' with the player base, and 'country' with the game world, I'm already basically a CSM. It's literally my day job."

In the election promotion video, Shoeneman states that he's been playing EVE Online since 2006, accomplishing just about everything possible within the game. As to the reason why he wants to take over the position with the CSM, the question is really "why not?"

"Maybe 20 years ago this would be weird," Shoeneman said, "but given how mainstream gaming has become with Twitch streamers and YouTube stars making millions of dollars, how can anyone say 'You're throwing your life away playing these games?' I'd rather be attacked for playing EVE than for being a liar, or for doing something truly bad."

More information about Shoeneman's efforts can be found over at the official Brisc Rubal for CSM website.

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