Modojo Rewind - The Song Remains the Same

The Modojo Rewind returns in rare form with fresh tidings centered around new mobile and portable games as well as upcoming releases.


Opening, dawn: a thick fog rolls over the valley, engulfing flora and fauna alike in a wispy veil still sweet with the wet scent of morning. A low moan rumbles between the nearby cliffs, and two stark orange eyes can be seen piercing through the shroud, their cold-yet-welcoming gaze heralding crucial tidings not yet revealed.

With unnerving rapidity, the mist clears, and at once the form of Robomo can be seen, his billowing cape and steely veneer contrasting the frozen smirk that personifies the best and worst of his brand. There's no cause for alarm, nor is their any expectation of comfort: Robomo sees all, yet judges not, arriving merely to relay information at a time and pace of his own choosing.

Regarding the Mobile Gaming Scene

The Modojo @ Shacknews elite are always on the lookout for new mobile games industry news, and the past two weeks have not gone by quietly. One of the biggest headline stories is the return of the Pokemon Go Fest, this time around referred to as Pokemon Go Fest 2018, the likes of which are set to go back to Chicago's Lincoln Park. Fans were eager to see if Niantic could get their act together, but so far signs don't look good, as the Pokemon Go Fest 2018 ticket sales website experienced a number of technical issues before all tickets sold out within 30 minutes. Tickets were later found on shopping sites like eBay, with prices being increased from the stock $20 price tag to amounts of $500 or more.

Fortunately, the rest of our mobile news is much more optimistic, namely because headlines revolve around a number of new and upcoming releases. Recent free-to-play title Super Doggo Snack Time gives players a chance to devour treats on-the-go, while strategic players will note that Tencent has brought Red Alert Online to mobile devices, much to players' disappointment. There are also two new Steam apps coming to iOS and Android, and fans of Google's open operating system will note that Android P has a public beta test now underway.

Switching Up The Headlines

It wouldn't be a proper Modojo Rewind if we didn't look into what's been up with Nintendo lately, so we'll get the biggest news out of the way first: accessory manufacturer Gamevice has levied another patent infringement lawsuit against Big N, this time looking for Nintendo to stop importing all Nintendo Switch systems within the United States. Time will tell how well that works out.

We also previously reported that a number of Switch owners had bricked their systems using off-brand Nintendo Switch docks; seeing an opportunity, Nintendo is now offering a first-party adjustable Switch charging stand, which is good news for players not totally satisfied with the packed-in dock. Nintendo has also provided some pricing details regarding Switch Online, the hybrid handheld's much-touted online service.

As for actual games, the news is optimistic: NBA Playgrounds 2 is ready to launch this month, and Minecraft on the Switch will be getting cross-platform play and a physical release sometime this summer. The Banner Saga is also ready to make its trek onto the Nintendo Switch later this month, while the release date for the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy was moved up by two weeks. Beyond that, we also heard that Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on the Switch finally got a North American release date.

That's about it for this iteration of the Modojo Rewind, but Nintendo Switch fans in particular should be sure to check out Shacknews' official review for Nintendo Labo, where the fun returns in short-but-sweet cardboard-based experiences.

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