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Hunt: Showdown Goes Big With Patch Update 0.225, Adding Scopes, New Hunter Models, & More

With all the new additions, the strategic options in this PvP survival shooter must evolve.


Crytek's PvP survival shooter Hunt: Showdown went into Early Access in February and is now receiving a major content update. Scopes are finally being added, adding more potential to long-range engagements. New hunter traits, grenades, and changes that address the game's overall meta are also incoming in the hefty first big patch. 

Update version 0.225 is live now and is a 3.3GB download. The full patch notes are on the Steam page, but there are a handful of updates players should be aware of. First, here's the full list of new traits, seven of which take advantage of the new scopes:

  • Deadeye Scopesmith: Remain in scope view after firing a shot while using any weapon with a short scope (Deadeye variants)
  • Marksman Scopesmith: Remain in scope view after firing a shot while using any weapon with a medium scope (Marksman variants)
  • Sniper Scopesmith: Remain in scope view after firing a shot while using any weapon with a long scope (Sniper variants)
  • Iron Sharpshooter: Remain in iron sights after firing a shot while using bolt-action rifles
  • Iron Devastator: Remain in iron sights between shots using shotguns
  • Steady Aim: Sway settles over 12 seconds with scoped rifles
  • Steady Hand: Sway settles over 12 seconds with scoped pistols
  • Bulletgrubber (replaces Pump Jockey trait): You can reload mid-clip without losing the chambered bullet on certain weapons
  • Bulwark: Reduce the damage from explosions by 20%.
  • Salveskin: Health Chunks damaged by fire heal faster to their full amount
  • Resilience: Get revived with one full health chunk
  • Kiteskin: Reduce damage from falling by 50%

Scopes are being added and they come in three variants: short, medium, and long. Some can also be used independently of their guns so you can scope out distant enemies, an important part of the Hunt: Showdown experience. Two new grenades, flash and poison, offer up ways to enter buildings without being at the complete whim of the target inside. There are no performance or stabilization improvements in this patch, as there's a different group working on this, but more are incoming. 

Camping is an issue in Hunt: Showdown, something I noted when I first saw the game a year ago. After players banish a major creature and get the bounty, enemy players can camp out their compound because they know exactly where they are. This makes things frustrating, but the devs don't want to eliminate camping as a strategy. It's viable and they want players to explore it, but they are making it a bit more balanced. If a team or player kills a bounty, they do get experience whether they escape with the bounty or not. Also, when the banishing process starts, the team will get a health bonus so they can better survive the other players hot on their trail.

Stealth options have been improved the map redesign and rework of the audible footsteps. The team noted that they were too loud and have adjusted them so that sneaking up on the enemy is a reliable strategy. The mission summary statistics post-match are improved, random hunters have better health and gear balance, and there are a few other improvements that you can see in the full patch breakdown video above. An additional video from the Hunt Showdown development team shows off specific map improvements the team is making to allow for more strategy.

Hunt: Showdown is available via early access right now and carries a price tag of $29.99. Stay tuned to Shacknews for more updates.

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