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Multiclass Names and Combinations in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

Extend a hero's skill sheet by choosing from one of the many multiclass options in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire.


While Obsidian Entertainment's newest RPG release Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire has a lot of different options that players can use to customize their own heroes, none are quite as flexible as the game's numerous multiclass options. These are classes that players can use to exert the greatest influence over the game and its many battles, assuming the player is able to wrap their head around some of the drawbacks and many possible combinations of spells and attributes. Read on to learn more about the different multiclass hero classes and their overall strengths, weaknesses, and overt uses in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire.

A Note On Multiclass Heroes and Companions

Players making their way through the Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire character creation process will eventually be given a choice to create a single-class or multiclass hero. The game makes it very clear that single-class heroes are the preferred option for inexperienced players; this is because multiclass heroes, for all of their extended utility and greater range of defensive and offensive maneuvers, will be unable to reach the higher-tier abilities of each individual class.

Of course, this isn't to say that players should avoid taking on new multiclass companions and sidekicks — it's just that it's probably easier to manage a team of heroes where each hero has one specific purpose, rather than to be dazzled by an array of skills and abilities that don't necessarily fit into a specific mold.

Still, multiclass heroes can be used to provide a specific balance between a gamer's specific style of play and the skills and abilities of other companions. To learn more about each different multiclass option in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, check out the various class listing names and descriptions featured below.

Barbarian Multiclass Names

Barbarians are powerful warriors capable of inflicting loads of area-of-effect damage on the battlefield. Their multiclass options take advantage of the Barbarian's distinct lack of defense healing, and in some cases provided added flexibility to players dumping points into the Athletics attribute.

Barbarian + Chanter = Howler
Barbarian + Cipher = Witch
Barbarian + Druid = Tempest
Barbarian + Fighter = Brute
Barbarian + Monk = Ravager
Barbarian + Paladin = Fanatic
Barbarian + Priest = Shaman
Barbarian + Ranger = Savage
Barbarian + Rogue = Marauder
Barbarian + Wizard = Warlock

Chanter Multiclass Names

Chanters in Pillars of Eternity 2 are able to provide distinct passive buffs and debuffs in battle, reinforcing the abilities of other heroes at the expense of direct utility. Their multiclass options make up for the lack of overt offense by providing the chance to take up the abilities of other damage-focused classes like Barbarians and Fighters, or by picking up spells through the Druid or Wizard multiclass options.

Chanter + Barbarian = Howler
Chanter + Cipher = Spiritualist
Chanter + Druid = Theurge
Chanter + Fighter = War Caller
Chanter + Monk = Cantor
Chanter + Paladin = Herald
Chanter + Priest = Celebrant
Chanter + Ranger = Wildrhymer
Chanter + Rogue = Harbinger
Chanter + Wizard = Loremaster

Cipher Multiclass Names

Ciphers are already sort of a mixed bag of offensive and defensive capabilities, being able to cast spells by building up power through offensive attacks. Their high general utility is only compounded by their multiclass options, which allow players to pick and choose elements from among their favorite play styles.

Cipher + Barbarian = Witch
Cipher + Chanter = Spiritualist
Cipher + Druid = Oracle
Cipher + Fighter = Psyblade
Cipher + Monk = Transcendent
Cipher + Paladin = Inquisitor
Cipher + Priest = Mystic
Cipher + Ranger = Seer
Cipher + Rogue = Mindstalker
Cipher + Wizard = Hierophant

Druid Multiclass Names

The Druid is one of Deadfire's primary spellcasters, and as might be expected, their skills in magic generally make for a hero with underwhelming strength and defense statistics otherwise. This means that Druids are ideally suited to multiclass options, being able to balance out their general weaknesses with classes that can boost attributes other than Intelligence. Likewise, players can double down on their Intelligence-focused efforts by combining the Druid and Wizard into the powerful Sorceror.

Druid + Barbarian = Tempest
Druid + Chanter = Theurge
Druid + Cipher = Oracle
Druid + Fighter = Warden
Druid + Monk = Ascetic
Druid + Paladin = Liberator
Druid + Priest = Universalist
Druid + Ranger = Beastmaster
Druid + Rogue = Pathfinder
Druid + Wizard = Sorceror

Fighter Multiclass Names

Fighters are all about dealing damage and taking damage, and their offense-first outlook is ideally-suited for players who like to get up close and personal with enemies. This quality also makes them great choices for beginner multiclass players, as the hero can either double down on the offensive approach or blend together with other classes to create an all-rounder that should be well-suited to most battle scenarios.

Fighter + Barbarian = Brute
Fighter + Chanter = War Caller
Fighter + Cipher = Psyblade
Fighter + Druid = Warden
Fighter + Monk = Brawler
Fighter + Paladin = Crusader
Fighter + Priest = Cleric
Fighter + Ranger = Hunter
Fighter + Rogue = Swashbuckler
Fighter + Wizard = Battlemage

Monk Multiclass Names

Monks are excellent offensive choices in Pillars 2, offering players the chance to play as a fighter that gets stronger with each Wound received. Their balance of offensive abilities and spells makes them yet-another ideal choice for players looking to break into the multiclass scene, balancing their focuses on damage output and spells with the potential for increased attack power or passive party buffs.

Monk + Barbarian = Ravager
Monk + Chanter = Cantor
Monk + Cipher = Transcendent
Monk + Druid = Ascetic
Monk + Fighter = Brawler
Monk + Paladin = Votary
Monk + Priest = Contemplative
Monk + Ranger = Wanderer
Monk + Rogue = Shadowdancer
Monk + Wizard = Sage

Paladin Multiclass Names

The Paladin class primarily focuses on the ability to rally the party, making them great for group battles but relatively weak for solo fights. As might be expected, their multiclass options can round out either of these two attributes, providing a greater overall damage output or buff potential for the party, or by increasing their value as an individual fighter.

Paladin + Barbarian = Fanatic
Paladin + Chanter = Herald
Paladin + Cipher = Inquisitor
Paladin + Druid = Liberator
Paladin + Fighter = Crusader
Paladin + Monk = Votary
Paladin + Priest = Templar
Paladin + Ranger = Itinerant
Paladin + Rogue = Zealot
Paladin + Wizard = Thaumaturge

Priest Multiclass Names

The Priest is another of Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire's classes that's able to boost the power of allies or reduce the power of enemies. They're more than capable as spellcasters, but their individual power in battle is relatively low, making them a great starter choice for players looking to break into multiclass heroes.

Priest + Barbarian = Shaman
Priest + Chanter = Celebrant
Priest + Cipher = Mystic
Priest + Druid = Universalist
Priest + Fighter = Cleric
Priest + Monk = Contemplative
Priest + Paladin = Templar
Priest + Ranger = Itinerant
Priest + Rogue = Zealot
Priest + Wizard = Thaumaturge

Ranger Multiclass Names

Rangers are a great choice for Deadfire players due to their overall strength and flexibility in battle, with both ranged attacks and companions allowing the Ranger to stay far away from the fray. Combining the talents of the Ranger with another class is a great way for players to make a multiclass hero who can absolutely dominate the battlefield without having to get too close to danger.

Ranger + Barbarian = Savage
Ranger + Chanter = Wildrhymer
Ranger + Cipher = Seer
Ranger + Druid = Beastmaster
Ranger + Fighter = Hunter
Ranger + Monk = Wanderer
Ranger + Paladin = Shepherd
Ranger + Priest = Itinerant
Ranger + Rogue = Scout
Ranger + Wizard = Geomancer

Rogue Multiclass Names

Rogues may like to do it from behind, but the Rogue class in Deadfire creates a nice platform for multiclass heroes who like to take advantage of both speed and stealth, two focuses that are almost absent in other single-class heroes. As such, players can take Rogue multiclass heroes in essentially any direction they so choose.

Rogue + Barbarian = Marauder
Rogue + Chanter = Harbinger
Rogue + Cipher = Mindstalker
Rogue + Druid = Pathfinder
Rogue + Fighter = Swashbuckler
Rogue + Monk = Shadowdancer
Rogue + Paladin = Holy Slayer
Rogue + Priest = Zealot
Rogue + Ranger = Scout
Rogue + Wizard = Spellblade

Wizard Multiclass Names

Aside from the Druid, the Wizard is Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire's class option for players who like to cast offensive and defensive spells. They may offer much in strict strength or defense, but the Wizard can make huge plays in battle, and the Wizard's many multiclass options allow the player to create a powerful warrior with almost limitless potential.

Wizard + Barbarian = Warlock
Wizard + Chanter = Loremaster
Wizard + Cipher = Hierophant
Wizard + Druid = Sorceror
Wizard + Fighter = Battlemage
Wizard + Monk = Sage
Wizard + Paladin = Arkane Knight
Wizard + Priest = Thaumaturge
Wizard + Ranger = Geomancer
Wizard + Rogue = Spellblade

Understanding the core components of Obsidian Entertainment's latest RPG involves more than just single-class or multiclass heroes, so be sure to check out our Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire walkthrough and guide to learn more about other basics like skills, attributes, races, origins, achievements, and more.

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