World of Warcraft's Nefarious Cyber Attacker Sentenced to One Year in Prison

Was it really worth a year in jail, buddy?


Romanian World of Warcraft player Calin Mateias was mad at a specific player in-game. Instead of walking away from his computer and calming down before he did or said something drastic, or ignoring whatever the player did to make him angry, he decided something much more severe was in order. Nothing could quell his desire for revenge.

So instead of being an adult and moving on, what did he do? He decided to launch a series of DDoS attacks against WoW's servers, which ended up knocking thousands of players offline. He also cost Blizzard a whopping $30,000 because of his little mishap, which he had to pay them back.

But his little transgression wasn't resolved by paying back the monetary losses Blizzard experienced when trying to get the game back online and running correctly in 2010. No, it will only be completely over after Mateias serves an entire year in prison for his nearly ten-year-old crime. He's finally been sentenced, and it's a doozy of a punishment. According to the sentencing memo, Mateias had been driven by a "juvenile desire to win the game," and while you can't "win" WoW, the sentiment still makes sense. It was a juvenile and rash decision, and now it appears Mateias will have to pay the price for it.

This sentence goes to show you -- if you're mad at someone in a game, you'd probably better not go all DDoS on a massive network of servers like Blizzard's, especially not a ridiculously popular MMO like World of Warcraft. Maybe just complain about it on Twitter or something. That's probably your safest best. Or just let it go, because who cares?

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