Get Destiny 2 For Just $12 In Latest Humble Monthly Deal

Start gearing up for the new Warmind expansion. 


Destiny 2's upcoming expansion Warmind is launching soon, so what better time to take the plunge and try the game out? You could pay full price, or you could head over to the newest Humble Monthly deal, which will outfit you with a code for Destiny 2 for just $12. That's one heck of a bargain, especially if you missed out on the game's various sales and discounts ever since its debut.

Humble Bundle has had a monthly digital loot crate on offer for a few years now, which nets you some pretty sweet deals for a paltry sum each month. This time around is Destiny 2, but there have been some pretty sweet games up for grabs in the past months. If you know all about the Humble Bundle family of deals, where you get to pay what you want or beat the average of what others paid for an armful of game deals, the Humble Monthly program is the same deal, but it's a little more expensive at a fixed price each month.

You'll be supporting charity with your purchase as well, as Humble donates 5 percent of each month's proceeds to charity. You get, on the other hand, 10 percent off the rest of the items in the Humble Store. If you'd like to get in on the Destiny 2 deal but not make a habit out of spending $12 every month, you can always cancel at any time, and you'll keep the keys you've earned after your account is closed. It's a great deal, so why not partake? You'll have Destiny 2 just in time for Warmind's debut on May 8.

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