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Twitter Advising All Users to Change Their Passwords After Discovering Security Flaw

Are you tired of changing the passwords to all your social media accounts yet?


If you use Twitter regularly, you may want to go and change your password right now, especially if it's one that you use on other sites. In an unsurprising turn of events, Twitter has "found a bug" in its system that apparently stored user passwords unmasked. That means, essentially, your passwords have been stored in an internal log for anyone to access and grab for quite some time -- who knows how long?

Twitter claims the bug has been resolved, however, and that there is no indication of any sort of breach or misuse of the passwords. But just because Twitter hasn't noticed any indication of wrongdoing, that certainly doesn't mean there wasn't any. It would be a great idea to head to Twitter, then, and change your password. Make sure you use something secure, and then be ready to change it again in the next few months when another breach has occurred and this time Twitter does admit there was some sort of problem.

Lather, rinse, and repeat. Ain't technology grand?

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