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This Nintendo Labo-Powered Wheelchair is the Pinnacle of What Labo Is Made For

This is pretty inspirational, not going to lie. 


Nintendo Labo is one of the most wonderful creations Nintendo has unleashed on the public, and it's easy to understand why when you see something awesome like this particular creation. People have done some fantastic things with the Labo and its Toy-Con Garage, and this Nintendo Labo-controlled wheelchair is the spirit of the product distilled into one fabulous item.

The wheelchair, created by Japanese inventor and researcher Kentaro Yoshifuji, was made with a 13-year-old wheelchair-bound boy in mind. He uses the chair because of a heart condition, but it looks like he couldn't be happier with the Labo creation that helps him work the chair.

Yoshifuji utilized the very same idea the Labo's motorbike project uses to put the power in the boy's hands so he could control his own wheelchair in much the same way. Watching the video will either put a big smile on your face as you realize how awesome and life-affirming this truly is, or make you start bawling. You might do both. You've been warned.

If you ever needed proof that Nintendo makes things meant to light a fire in creative folks and help bring smiles to faces, just look at the above. Then check out our own full Nintendo Labo review, written by yours truly. 

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