Microsoft Hololens Touch Screen Tech Is Minority Report IRL

Well, just look at it. Don't you agree?


If you think we're edging ever closer to the kind of tech you might see in Minority Report, or at the very least Detroit: Become Human, you're absolutely right, especially if you've caught wind of a new component Microsoft has been at work on for its upcoming HoloLens. It's a new virtual touchscreen called MRTouch, and it's a way that HoloLens users can interact with the device via gestures, voice, and controller inputs. In short, it looks awesome.

The MRTouch works in some pretty astonishing ways. You can use your fingers to swipe along a flat surface as if you were using a touchscreen, including walls, desks, or other large areas. The tech can even support multi-touch gestures. It's an interesting setup, to say the least. But while Microsoft Research hasn't said anything about bringing this kind of thing to consumers or even third-party developers, you can use it with an unmodified HoloLens, which is still good news.

If you've ever wished there were a way you could interact with your apps and other digital spaces via augmented reality or virtual reality, the MRTouch looks just like what you've been dreaming of for the future. Think of any flat surface you use on a regular basis becoming a touchscreen, and that's pretty much the entire draw here. Of course, using anything as a touchscreen is just the start. Who knows where MRTouch could go from here, if combined with in-air gestures or other unique interactions? Check out the video above and watch what looks like the future coming to life. Don't start hoping for Jetsons-like gadgets yet, but hey, we're getting there. 

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