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PS2 Classics Ape Escape 2, Dark Cloud 2, Hot Shots Tennis Added to PS Now

A selection of old-school PlayStation 2 titles have landed in the ever-expanding PS Now catalog.


Most console gamers probably picked up a PlayStation 4 for its excellent line of AAA titles like Uncharted 4 or recent release God of War, but that's not to say that there isn't something on offer for players who wish to revisit some of their favorite titles from the past. Enter PS Now, the game subscription service from Sony that allows access to a selection of old-school titles. Nearly 650 games are available via the service, and fans will note that classic PS2 titles Dark Cloud 2, Ape Escape 2, and Hot Shots Tennis have just been added to the ever-expanding PS Now lineup.

While PlayStation stalwarts will certainly remember these titles, due to their age, others may not. Fortunately, each of these new releases are worth checking out for a number of reasons: Ape Escape 2 is the sequel to the original title, which was the first to take full advantage of the PlayStation's original Dual Shock controller, tasking players with using a dual-stick control scheme to capture a series of wily monkeys. Check it out in the video below.

Dark Cloud 2, unsurprisingly, was also a sequel to the original Dark Cloud. The second in the series is counted among the very best, offering RPG gameplay tied into a system where the protagonist must rebuild the world according to the whims of its citizens. On the other hand, Hot Shots Tennis, originally published as Everybody's Tennis, comes from the team behind Hot Shots Golf, and earned praise for its colorful style and surprisingly addictive arcade-style tennis action.

Each of these titles plus many more are available nearly instantly through the PS Now service. PlayStation 4 owners and PC users alike can currently get a seven-day glimpse of the service by checking out the free trial available through the PlayStation store. Otherwise, interested users can read more about these games and others available through the service by heading over to the PlayStation blog.

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