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Strogg & Peeker Join Quake Champions in Latest Update

Plus, a new map, weapon, and free stuff!


Quake Champions is still very much a thing, and you should be playing it. If you're still fragging the weak and hurdling the dead, you'll appreciate the new April update that went live recently, bringing a new playable Champion (is that technically two Champions?) in the form of Strogg & Peeker (not "pecker," guys, grow up) and a new map as well as a weapon to make things explode with.

You've probably already seen Strogg & Peeker if you played Quake II and Quake 4, and you'll be able to enter the Arena as Strogg and his drone sidekick, who has a somewhat unfortunate name. While you're at it, delve into the new map Awoken, which offers an arena covered in vines that's perfect for Team Deathmatch, Duel, 2v2, regular Deathmatch, and the kickass Instagib mode. You can start ripping into enemies with the new Plasma Gun as well, which was pulled straight from Quake III Arena. Just turn people into goo! It's whatever you want, man.

If those goodies aren't enough, you can hop into Quake Champions now and also pick up an Infantry armor set for Ranger and attachments, as well as three free chests with cool items inside. If you log in any time from now until May 11, you can claim them, but hurry up and do so before they go away. And then jump in-game with us to play Quake Champions! If you'd rather not actually play a Quake game, we've got this massive article you might want to check out instead. 

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