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New Map Landmarks and Hidden Locations in Fortnite Season 4

Learn about the new locations, buildings, and other landmarks spread across the Fortnite Season 4 map.


There was a long period of time when Fornite players just didn't know what to make of the game's mysterious meteor. Of course, that story came crashing down hard, signaling the proper start of the game's fourth season. Now, in both acknowledgment and celebration of the new changes, we're breaking down some of the latest additions players will spot within the Fortnite Season 4 map.

Dusty Divot, Formerly the Dusty Depot

The most obvious change to the Fortnite map comes in the form of Dusty Divot, the area formerly known as Dusty Depot. Many players had suspected that the Fortnite meteor was expected to crash land at Tilted Towers, but they were wrong. Instead, it hit within Dusty Depot, leaving a massive crater that now plays home to the new Dusty Divot base as well as a large number of Hop Rocks, the new in-game items that allow players to contend with the forces of gravity to leap much higher than before.

Risky Reels Fills Out the Tomato Town Area

In the area north of Tomato Town, Fortnite players will now find a new drive-in-style movie theater called Risky Reels. There really wasn't much in the area before, but players will now find a selection of houses and cars all centered around a busted movie screen and a smaller crater, with plenty of places to hide out in between.

Dance Battles Welcomed at Flush Factory Nightclub

It could be argued that just about any location within Fortnite could serve players looking for a dance battle, but with Season 4 arrived, there's now one specific location suited for just such occasions. Northeast of Flush Factory, players will find an all-new nightclub situated among the remaining warehouses that's ideally suited to dance competitions — assuming trigger-happy players are able to keep their weapons in check, of course.

Film Studio Lands in Moisty Mire

Fortnite players seem to regard the Moisty Mire area as sort of a wasteland. Sure, it's been a good place to seek out wood, but the massive swamp was a chore to navigate, offering too few rewards for its otherwise barren environment. Perhaps that's why the area now plays home to a new film studio, offering suitably dank rewards for the area's uncomfortably wet scenery. Players will find a good amount of loot hidden around the new studio, most of which centered around the studio rooms, helicopter crash site, and gigantic green screen.

Junk Junction Gets Expanded

The Junk Junction area in Fortnite didn't really have much to offer players aside from a couple of basic shelters. Thanks to the Season 4 update, the area now has much more appeal thanks to the addition of a hanger containing a film studio. Like with the new studio in Moisty Mire, the Junk Junction studio offers a couple of new rooms as well as a few added opportunities to find some loot in the area.

New Unnamed Mansion Lair Near Lonely Lodge

One of the more unusual additions to the Fortnite map is the so-far unnamed mansion that's been planted south of Lonely Lodge. While ithe mansion itself isn't new, it does feature a number of different rooms and plenty of potential for loot. However, there is a strange new basement area filled with chests, ammo boxes, and various machines and gadgets that we frankly can't wait to learn more about.

All of these additions come alongside a series of smaller craters that now litter the Fortnite map. Like with the big crater, these more miniscule offerings still give players the chance to score some easy loot or Hop Rocks in order to make a quick escape from the area. Stay on top of the latest changes to Fortnite by keeping your browser tuned right here to Shacknews.

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