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Hyperkin's Duke Xbox Controller is Officially Out Now

Take it all the way back to the original Xbox's heyday with this bad boy. 


The return of the original Xbox controller is here. The "Duke," as it's known, is finally back on the market, and you can welcome it into your hearts and homes as of today. Created by Hyperkin for both Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs, it's a licensed controller, and the first one ever to display a classic Xbox design and logo. If you didn't preorder one when the controllers went up for grabs a few months ago, hopefully you'll be able to snag one now, because this baby is a beast. It's been two years since confirmation that the Duke would be coming back, and now it's time to hail to the king.

“It’s a bizarre experience, to see a joke on Twitter become a real product,” said "father of the Xbox" Seamus Blackley. "Seeing all these gamers so truly happy to get the new Hyperkin Duke is pretty goddamn superb.” You can see the controller in action below. It's glorious, and it's about time we see it back in action. 

What's not superb, however, is the fact that there seems to have been a customs delay when it comes to some of the GameStop shipments. If you happened to nab your controller via GameStop, you may not have it in your hands today -- that's what happened to me, with GameStop touting that the product won't be out until May 15, so take from that what you will. Instead of celebrating a happy moment today, Blackley has been fielding angry tweets from upset customer wondering where their Duke is. 

So if you're waiting around for your Duke to arrive, it looks like you're not alone, and hopefully the problems that arose with GameStop preorders are resolved soon. In the meantime, you can still purchase a controller via Microsoft, so head on over and see if you can procure one here. Hurry though, because these won't last long.

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