God of War Update Version 1.16 Patch Notes Reveal More General Fixes

These bugs aren't about to fix themselves.


PlayStation 4 owners and game fans alike have been keeping a close eye on the latest developments regarding God of War, the series return of Kratos featuring the special guest known as Boy. Ol' War Dad's latest adventure is certainly his biggest yet, and the development team at Sony Santa Monica want to make sure it's the best experience possible by providing the game with near-daily updates, the latest of which having arrived in the form of the God of War update version 1.16.

Like with the patches immediately before it, update version 1.16's patch notes simply allude to the usual types of "various bug fixes and improvements." It doesn't seem like there's anything special on offer with this update, unlike the 1.11 update that offered a fix for those experiencing a problem with display resolution, or the 1.12 update that introduced a new text size setting in the game's options menu.

Unlike some of the earlier updates made to the game, this latest patch isn't very large — just 42 megabytes are required to get the game updated to the latest version, and players can rest easy knowing they're totally primed for the next update, which at this rate will surely arrive sometime soon.

Just as the game has been frequently updated to make sure things are running as smoothly as possible, we've also been making steady updates to our God of War walkthrough and guide. We've already got a complete walkthrough of the game's main campaign available to readers, and players will note that we also have guides detailing all of the title's available hidden chambers, Nornir chests, treasure maps, artifacts, Jotnar shrines, and even more collectibles aside.

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