Steam Nixes Comments on Reviews By Default

If you leave a review and want comments, make sure you select the correct option going forward. 


If you head to Steam for all your game review needs at a glance, you may notice a certain something missing going forward. Every review that users typically post on the Steam's store page for a particular game leaves the floor open to discussion for any Steam user to leave a comment. It's a way for anyone to add notes to a particular review or dispute particular aspects. It can even be used as a platform to thank a reviewer for their time.

Now, however, Valve has opted to start disabling comments on reviews by default, which means if you publish a review you'll have to manually check the option to allow them. There is now an "Allow Comments" option (spotted via PCGamesN) that you'll have to select if you want to let people share their thoughts on your work. This comes after Valve just moved to disable the public profile data that allowed platforms like SteamCharts to operate, as now user game lists and other important information are now private by default.

If you plan on leaving any reviews on Steam in the future and it's important to you that others share what they think, make sure you select the option to allow comments going forward. Otherwise, you may be silencing everyone else without knowing it. 

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