Save Over $200 on this US-Only Xbox One S 4K TV Game Bundle

Plus, a digital copy of Madden NFL 18! 


Looking to purchase an Xbox One S or a new 4K TV to upgrade your gaming setup? Best Buy has an excellent sale this week, which should appeal to anyone looking for a way to move their home entertainment center forward. Still rocking a tube TV? You poor thing. Please take a look at this week's deal, which will net you a 4K TV, Xbox One S, and two games all for $450. That's a whopping $200 savings from the regular price, and the offer lasts until April 28.

As far as the bundle goes, you'll get a Sharp 43" Smart 4K UHD TV, an Xbox One S bundle with two games and a digital copy of Madden NFL 18. You get $75 off each item when you buy an Xbox One S system in addition to the Sharp TV, and when you add the Xbox One S to your cart, that's when you'll also see a digital copy of Madden NFL 18 appear to sweeten the deal.

Everything combined when you build the TV and console bundle comes out to $450. When you normally get the TV on its own for $400, you can see how this all works out to be a fantastic deal you'll want to jump on immediately.

To get some games to go along with your new console purchases, check out the list below of games currently on sale at Best Buy so you can do all your shopping in the same place. Let us know if you decide to pull the trigger on any of them!

Xbox One Gaming Deals

$10 Pre-Order Reward Certificates

Happy deal hunting!

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