David Brevik's It Lurks Below Crawls Onto Steam Early Access

David Brevik's solo project, It Lurks Below, is now on Steam Early Access for the masses to consume.


It's time to dig a little deeper into Blizzard North co-founder and Diablo creator David Brevik's next project. On Wednesday morning, Brevik's solo developer studio, Graybeard Games, announced that It Lurks Below is now ready for consumption on Steam Early Access.

It Lurks Below is a retro-styled 2D survival RPG, with Brevik taking inspiration from games like Terraria, Minecraft, and his own Diablo. Brevik has regularly taken feedback from his Twitch followers and he will continue to do so, scheduling a stream on Wednesday through 1PM and on Thursday from 9AM until whenever he decides to call it a day.

"I've played an absurd amount of Minecraft," Brevik told Shacknews back at GDC 2018. "I played a lot of this game called Starbound that I really liked. And I played a little bit of Terraria, but I had problems with the UI and I could just never get into it, but I've watched many people stream it for hours and hours. I really enjoy watching other people play it, but I just don't like to play it myself. And all of these games lack something, the depth that I was looking for. I love the world, the randomization, I love all of these things, but they just felt kind of shallow and goal-less. They're kinda sandbox-y games without much point."

"For me, I wanted to put a structure on top of it, tell a little bit of a story, make it an RPG, give the thing depth, have character classes. So the idea of just taking that kind of Minecraft kind of gameplay and crossing it with Diablo, where I have random levels, random monsters, random loot, I just wanted to play that game. So that's where the idea came from, playing these games and looking for something a bit more RPG-ish."

It Lurks Below is currently going for $19.99 on Steam Early Access. There's no release date in mind just yet, but Brevik will continue taking feedback on Twitch in the meantime.

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