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PogoTec's PogoAR Accessory Lets You Make Any Pair of Eyeglasses AR-Ready

Yes, even the ugly pair of glasses you don't wear because they make you look too nerdy. 


If you're interested in augmented reality, you might be put off by some of the expensive glasses out there required to experience it. But what if you could use any pair of eyeglasses to turn then into AR specs using one simple product? That's what PogoTec, Inc. is looking to do with an innovative electronic wearable that does just that. It's called PogoAR, and it's being developed as a unique AR system that works with existing eyewear to make a portable AR platform. Nerdy glasses? No problem! Pop PogoAR onto your specs and look good while checking out the world with augmented reality apps and programs.

“There are 2.6 billion wearers of prescription eyewear in the world today and far more if non-prescription sunglasses are included and every year over 300M pair of new eyewear are sold,” PogoTec’s Chief Executive Officer Brandon Sheil explained. “PogoAR is a natural extension of PogoTec’s product strategy, enabling consumers with another innovative wearable device attachable to eyewear.”

PogoAR can work with either prescription eyeglasses without special tinting (they must be clear) or non-prescription sunglasses, and the tech is patent pending at this point in time, with several patent applications having been filed. We're unfortunately not at the point yet where we can take this new tech out for a test drive, but that's certainly coming soon. It'll certainly be a useful option for those of us who already wear glasses and prefer not to doff them to view things like VR or AR, so now the option stands to wear your (helpful) glasses if you choose to. That's great news for all us, even if you just want to look a little less like a doofus when experimenting with AR in the future.

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