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Samsung's Pilot Season Initiative Encourages New Episodic VR Video Content

From sitcoms to art pieces, the submissions are pretty out there. 


Samsung has just launched an interesting new initiative that's aiming to put out original, episodic VR content via the Samsung VR Video service. It's called Pilot Season, and it's looking to both generate new content and encourage filmmaking through VR. As a result, several VR filmmakers have been offered financial grants to create their own unique VR episodes and other content, as well as access to Samsung 360 Round camera to assist in making these films and shows come to life.

The 3D 360-degree camera is the company's professional-grade tool that costs over $10,000, with 17 lenses able to capture and stream 4K 3D video to VR headsets. There's a swath of new content from creators all over the world who took nicely to this new initiative like ducks to water, and you can watch all the free content now via the Samsung VR Video's Featured section.

Included are shows like the scripted sci-fi comedy Bro Bots, surrealist Easter egg collection Sam's Surreal Gems, Voyages, or a journey from life to death, and several other titles that sound as ambitious as they do artsy. I'm inclined to check out Sam's Surreal Gems, myself. Of course, the question remains to be asked: Are any of these so-called pilots any good? You'll have to watch them for yourself and see. If you do, be sure to report back and let us know if any of them are actually worth watching, or just gimmickry.

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