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What Engine Does God of War 2018 Run On?

Does God of War run on a common game engine, or is Kratos' newest adventure based around a proprietary technical framework?


Given that Kratos' latest outing in the recently released 2018 series entry God of War is beautiful to behold, many players were hoping to learn more about the game engine and other technologies used by the development team at SIE Santa Monica Studios. Gamers may have noticed that the game's introduction and credits don't list any of the usual technologies like Unreal or the CryEngine, leading some to wonder if such engines were utilized or if the developers came up with their own in-house solution. As it turns out, we happen to know the answer.

What Game Engine Is Used in God of War?

As players might have expected, the game engine used in God of War is a proprietary system created by Sony Santa Monica. As confirmed via an email exchange with a Sony public relations correspondent, God of War runs on an engine developed in-house specifically for the game.

And what an engine it is. Not only is Kratos' latest adventure the best-looking game in the series so far, it's also the very first to support 4K visuals. Even if gamers don't run the game in its higher-resolution mode, however, God of War still has plenty of polish at 1080p, and no doubt players will appreciate the balance between framerate and detail that running God of War in standard high definition will provide.

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