God of War: The Journey - A Path To Jotunheim

A Path to Jotunheim sees Kratos and son flip the script on the temple to find a rare and valuable treasure.


By the time players reach the God of War quest titled A Path To Jotunheim, the adventure will be nearing its end. During this walkthrough we'll follow along Kratos and Atreus as they use the information revealed from the previous mission to literally turn one of the game's locations upside down, then claim a reward in the form of a special treasure.

Realm Travel Back to Midgard

Walk toward the back of the chamber and interact with the lift to ride it down. Listen to the short conversation between Kratos and Atreus, then head toward the center of the room and interact with the table.

Show Tyr's Key Plans to Brok

Make way toward the purple-hued door at the southeast end of the room and open it, then follow the light bridge into Brok's studio. Speak with him and hear his take on the situation as well as Sindri's, then watch as the two jump into action.

Take the key, then head once again to the door on the southeast side of the room.

Locate Tyr's Mysterious Door

Head outside and take the left ramp down toward the boat below, then continue past it northward until reaching the door with Tyr's rune. insert the key, then spin the crank to open the door.

Explore Tyr's Hidden Chamber

Inside the chamber, have Atreus shoot a light arrow at the crystal to form a bridge, then listen to his remarks as Kratos winds up in the room below the realm travel room. Atreus will make an observation about the ceiling, so look up to spot a mechanism that will open an upside-down door. Walk through the now-open entrance, then head down the corridor toward the open area to discover The Hall of Tyr.

Spot the rune for Jotunheim just beyond the passageway, then approach the upside-down door and press circle for Kratos to raise the room. The two will note the chains holding together the room before the two statue guardians make a surprise twist to expose the chain links.

Break The Chains

Have Atreus interact with the sand bowl, which will reveal a crank to lower the platform. Ride it down, then head into the room beneath. Have a look at the statues, then turn back and head toward the door on the south side. Inside will be a number of spike traps — avoid them by first freezing the first, then the second spike wall with the Leviathan axe. Run through, recall the axe, then open the chest on the right-hand wall. Turn back and grab some World Tree sap from the root, then throw it underneath the first moving spike wall and have Atreus shoot it.

Ride the first wall up, then quickly jump across while the remaining walls are down to reach the chain in the following room. Open the chest at the far end for a Niflheim Cipher Piece, then approach the chain to have Kratos break the link open. Two portal will spawn, with a knight coming through each. Take them out, being careful to avoid the flames spitting out of the central column, then grab any loot they leave behind.

Turn back west and watch a few unfortunate draugr try to make it past the spike trap. Kill any that get through, then freeze the middle wall in place to run back through. Back in the central room, the pillar will rise, and more enemies will spawn in the area. Put them to the steel, then head through the spike trapped corridor on the northwest side.

Make way across the main room to the door on the north wall to spot a different sort of environmental trap. Freeze the wheels in place at various times, then recall the axe to open a gap through the spinning blades that Kratos can run through. One the other side, Kratosu must use the Winds of Hel Energy to deliberately set the blades in the eastern corridor moving up and down. After that, use the energy to set the wheels to rotate, clearing a path through, being careful not to let the energy run out until the path has been completed.

In the new room, open the chest on the far side to score another Nifheim Cipher Piece. After that, approach the chain and have Kratos break it open. The room's center column will once again rise, spouting four arcs of flame this time. Avoid the fires, take out the enemies including the ogre, loot the area, then head back through the halls with the spinning blades.

In the central room once more, interact with the central crank to rise back up to the upper story. Once arrived, approach the temple and press Circle to have Kratos flip it over.

Return to the Realm Travel Room

Look to the left of the rune to find a wall Kratos can use to climb onto the ledge, then head through the door back into the Realm Travel Room.

Collect Tyr's Mysterious Object

Head toward the quest marker and approach the object smoking on the side of the room. Atreus will crack the mask to reveal the object floating within — the Unity Stone.

After the cutscene, the quest titled A Path to Jotunheim will be marked complete. Next up is the mission titled Between The Realms. Be sure to check out our God of War walkthrough and guide for more mission-specific quest coverage as well as loads of different guides covering the game's many different collectibles.

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