Futuristic Thriller State of Mind Dated for Release This August

According to the game, you do not belong to you. 


There's a real dearth of games set in the future these days. Just kidding, no there isn't. What I mean is there aren't enough good games set in the future that don't all rely on cyberpunk mechanics. That's why State of Mind looks like an interesting prospect. Daedalic Entertainment just announced its debut in August, a few short months away.

Taking place in Berlin in the year 2048, you're thrust into a world where technology has progressed to the point where nearly everything is interconnected and you are surveyed constantly. Take on the role of journalist Richard Nolan, who wakes up one day in the hospital after a mysterious explosion. He finds that his wife and son have disappeared, and the entire family is caught up in some dystopian nightmare that you'll quickly need to unravel.

The sci-fi thriller will have you following Richard as well as five other playable characters as you work to uncover the secrets behind his past and decipher his future. Sound like a trip you want to take? It's coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam, and it'll run you $39.99. Everything can't be Observer, we know, but it can at least try to bring us something interesting. State of Mind looks like it might be able to do just that. 

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