God of War: The Journey - A New Destination

Put some new tricks to work while completing A New Destination in God of War.


After some long chapters in God of War, A New Destination is a bit shorter and more straightforward. It will still take some time, and there are puzzles and riddles to solve, but it’s a small break from the grind to this point in the game. As always, this walkthrough will focus on story progress — collectibles for God of War can be found in separate guides.

Take Mimir’s Head to the Witch

Head down the mountain, stopping to loot the chest just a short distance down the steps. Further down the steps and on the left is another chest tucked in a corner. This one contains some Hacksilver, which is always nice to find. In the only other direction Kratos and Atreus can move there is a Mystic Gateway, which will allow travel directly back to Brok’s Shop. There is no other option here, so take the Mystic Gateway.

Return to the Witch’s Cave

Leave Brok’s Shop and take the stairs down the docked boat. The HUD should show a waypoint at the top that will direct Kratos and Atreus directly to the cave they seek. Paddle through the cave until reaching the dock, then get out of the boat and have Atreus destroy the Shatter Crystal sitting on the World Tree Sap obstacle using his Shock Arrows. Take the lift into the main part of the cave.

There is a lot that Kratos and Atreus can do in this cave now that they can use Light Arrows and Shock Arrows, but that won’t be covered in the walkthrough. Nornir chests, collectibles and Hidden Chambers are all covered in their own guides.

At the top of the lift, take note of the World Tree Sap obstacle blocking the door. Have Atreus use a Shock Arrow on the Shatter Crystal, then climb up the well to reach the outside. There’s plenty to out here, too, but progressing the story is as simple as walking through the witch’s front door.

Return to the Boat

Head back through the Witch’s Cave and take all the time required to clean up any outstanding tasks, then head down to the boat. This trip should be straightforward by now, and there shouldn’t be any foes spawning in to slow progress.

Go to the Serpent’s Horn

Guide the boat all the way back to where Brok’s Shop is, which is where Kratos and Atreus left when they headed for the cave. This time, though, go to the platform in the middle of the bridge and interact with the lever. This will raise the platform up, allowing Kratos to Speak to the World Serpent and complete the final objective of this quest.

That will do it for A New Destination. The next story chapter is The Magic Chisel, but all of our content can be found at the God of War walkthrough and guide.

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