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Twitch Channel Analytics Gets Major Overhaul

Broadcasters are getting a new and improved page for studying their streaming data. 


As Twitch progressively grows and goes through changes the improvements to the site on both the front and backend keep coming. Twitch's latest improvements come in the form of a new page for broadcasters to track their channel data called "Twitch Channel Analytics." This new page combines the previously existing "Stats" and "Revenue" pages and is up and running on everyone's channel dashboard now.

According to Twitch's blog, this new analytics breaks down information on subs and revenue stream and adds more details on VOD and Live Broadcasts popularity:

"Revenue and subscription information is now prominently displayed at the top, and the new visual update makes it easier to see where your revenue comes from, how many subscribers you have, and other key information you need to grow your channel."

The new updates will also allow users to set their own start and end dates for the information they want to gather, meaning if someone just wants data from a week ago or from three months ago, they can easily set those parameters now. According to Twitch this is just the beginning of analytic data improvement and the company claims it will be adding more data and details to help broadcasters choose how to approach content creation for their audience in the future: 

"Over time, we’ll improve the Channel Analytics page to be even more useful. Coming soon, you’ll be able to find new, relevant stats to help you grow by seeing which channels and games your viewers are watching when they aren’t watching your content."

If you have a Twitch channel you can check out the channel analytics page now by signing in to your account and clicking on the "Dashboard" button.

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