Original Soundtrack Song List for God of War

Learn more about the inspirations behind the God of War official soundtrack and find a list of each individual song.


Audio is a big part of game design, and the developers behind God of War for the PlayStation 4 knew they'd have to find someone capable of accurately matching the game's musical direction to its action. That's why the team at Sony Santa Monica have tapped on the talents of composer Bear McCreary to come up with a suitably orchestral take on Kratos' latest adventure. Here's a look at all of the different songs featured within God of War and a brief look at some of the inspirations behind them.

Notes from God of War Soundtrack Composer Bear McCreary

Speaking over on the PlayStation Blog, God of War composer Bear McCreary spoke about some of the thoughts behind the game's musical themes. Even though he's a self-professed fan of the series, he admitted that after working with game director Cory Barlog, he felt he should take the music in a new direction instead of leaning on familiar themes from past God of War entries. The resulting tunes reflect sounds and instruments that will be familiar to fans of the previous titles, but arranged in a way that sets an altogether different tone.

McCreary's memories of the series' audio includes "deep choirs, pounding drums, and shrieking brass," so he chose to blend these elements together with new themes in order to portray something more reminiscent of a Norse age.

Of all the different songs featured in the game, McCreary does have one particular favorite track: he's quoted as saying "of all the new pieces that I wrote for God of War, the song that means the most to me personally is probably 'Memories of Mother.' This was the first theme I wrote for God of War, and it was not for the Mother — it was for Kratos himself!"

He goes on to describe how the development team would eventually find the theme too melancholy to represent Kratos, spurring work that eventually spawned the main theme that later debuted at E3 2016. Those who want to hear more about the history behind McCreary's favorite title can do so via the PlayStation Blog. Alternatively, those who want to give his music a proper listen can find the full God of War soundtrack featured on Spotify.

God of War Official Soundtrack Song List

The official God of War soundtrack, or OST, features almost 100 minutes of music set across 21 different tracks, the likes of which are focused around people, places, or themes featured in the game. Players can find the complete track listing below.

God of War - 4:06
Memories of Mother - 3:39
Witch of the Woods - 3:02
Lullaby of the Giants - 3:43
Ashes - 6:09
Peaks Pass - 2:33
A Giant's Prayer - 1:59
The Dragon - 3:43
Mimir - 2:56
Magni and Mod - 2:49
Echoes of an Old Life - 3:44
Helheim - 3:21
The Healing - 3:15
The Reach of Your Godhood - 2:37
Stone Mason - 3:48
Valkyries - 5:08
Deliverance - 6:18
Salvation - 6:48
The Ninth Realm - 4:57
The Summit - 3:18
Epilogue - 0:47

With the songs and themes of the God of War sountrack fresh in mind, players can expand their knowledge of Kratos' latest adventure by checking out the collectible locations and other tips featured within our God of War guide and walkthrough.

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