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How to Fast Travel in God of War

Find out how to fast travel in God of War, although it’s unlikely most players will want to.


God of War is a bit of a mix between a linear and open-world game. There are parts that will funnel Kratos into one direction, but also a section that is completely open and encourages hours of exploration. This leads to a surprisingly large world, and there are plenty of reasons to visit areas more than once. Should anyone feel the need to skip the journey and move right to their objective, they must first learn how to fast travel in God of War.

How to Fast Travel

Fast travel in God of War is worked into the gameplay mechanics and story to help maintain immersion. It is only available through something called Mystic Gateways, and those are only found in certain spots. However, Mystic Gateways are not introduced to Kratos and Atreus until the second story mission, Path to the Mountain, when the objective is to Talk to Brok. There is no way to skip to this point, so worry about enjoying the ride for now.

Even after learning how to use a Mystic Gateway, Kratos is not always free to travel anywhere he wants. There are times that the story forbids fast travel, times when it encourages fast travel, and times when it is left up to Kratos and Atreus to decide what they wish to do. It’s also impossible to fast travel to a location that is unknown; it must first be discovered before it can be used to fast travel to another location that is known.

Once a Mystic Gateway is found, approach it and press Circle on the DualShock 4 controller to interact with it. This will open the map and give Kratos an option of where to go, with some being unavailable for one reason or another. Choose a destination, then walk through the door. Once inside, run along the path until another door appears, and then walk through that. Kratos should be at his destination.

When the ability to fast travel is first unlocked, it can only be used as a one-way trip to return to Brok's shop, but that will change once you progress further along the main story. It won't be a one-way ticket for long.

To be honest, there are very few times that I’ve felt the need to fast travel in God of War. Each part of the world is expertly crafted and full of loot, lore, and enemies that can help build upon the loot and lore. It is wise to explore and take the time to enjoy each location, rather than skip the journey and simply teleport to a destination.

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