How to Open Hidden Chambers in God of War

Learn how to unlock and open Hidden Chambers in God of War without worrying about spoilers.


Players will encounter Hidden Chambers almost from the beginning of God of War, but it’s not clear how these are unlocked or what hides inside them. This can be a frustrating situation, leaving one to wonder if they’ve missed something along the path or if they’re just not seeing the solution. Luckily, this guide will explain how to unlock Hidden Chambers in God of War.

How to Unlock Hidden Chambers

Right off the bat, it’s impossible to get into a Hidden Chamber during the first story mission, The Marked Trees. If that’s the only concern, I’ll also state that players cannot miss gaining the ability to unlock these, so feel free to back out of this article now if you don’t want to find out when this happens. For those that want to learn the details, continue reading.

Hidden Chambers cannot be accessed until the very beginning of the eighth chapter, Behind the Lock. The ability to access them is unlocked at the end of the previous chapter, The Magic Chisel. Both events are tied to story progression, which is as much detail as anyone will get from me. Just know that it’s impossible to miss these events.

For those interested, read the Shacknews guide for all Hidden Chambers in God of War, where we show the location of each one, and talk about how to get inside. There is much to do and discover in each, so finding and unlocking these should be a priority when Kratos and Atreus have some down time.

Players looking to crack open all of the game's chambers would do well to hit up our guide detailing the location of all Hidden Chambers in God of War. For more help on the path, visit the Shacknews God of War walkthrough and guide. We’ll help track down each of the game’s collectibles, provide solutions to puzzles and riddles, and help those interested learn about the many mechanics and systems in place.

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